Kilroy DT Seat Modification

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  1. Chris Woods
    February 26, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    Interested in this modification. We just bought a Jackson DT this wkend &guys @wccoutfitters in Indy are modifying it for us as we want it set up for fishing. We’re adding a side transom for trolling motor, rod holders, etc. My question is I’m left handed & having knee issues& I need our seat setup to be as comfortable as possible for maximum mobility while fishing & exiting/entering kayak. Do you have any suggestions on seat modification for us? And as we’ll be fishing saltwater for most part w/tides are there any kind of poling and anchoring devices we can add? I’m also searching for live well options too. I’ve fished from age 5 both fresh & saltwater & I’m seriously addicted. I’m thrilled to have a kayak now which will enable us to get into areas inaccessible by center console boat like snook fishing in mangroves. Any advice u can give me for setting up our yak for tandem fishing would be greatly appreciated!. Tx for sharing the knowledge too!!
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    Facebook: JimNChris Woods

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