Dealer Summit 2016

The JK dealer summit is truly a special event. Its purpose is to bring together as many of our retail partners as possible at one time. When that happens all sorts of magic follows. We get to brainstorm and share ideas that help further all of paddlesports, not just individual businesses like JK or and individual retailer. At the end of the day we are all boaters so too much work can be a bad thing, and for that reason we spend a ton of time on the water. Weather it is for fishing, whitewater, or simple rec paddling it is great to see so many folks enjoying the water at the same time in different ways. It is also great to see a good number of people stepping out of their comfort zone to try something different.


This year I was able to help get two of our partners that have never experienced WW to get a taste with the Duo. We were able to get each of the Ashleys a lap down Rock Island that included a surf or 10, paddle behind the waterfalls, running the rapids, and a few more surfs at the take out wave. I get the opportunity to teach a WW outfitting class each year, which I love since I get to geek out, but interestingly it seems that other people want to learn some of that as well and can tolerate listening to me. Another big part of the summit is the chance for everyone to visit the factory to meet the people that actually build the boats we all love. It is cool to see so many folks getting to visit the big kid candy store! I am looking forward to another great dealer summit next fall!

Later; Colin
Team JK

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