Winter Kayaking on the North Fork


Last December, John Webster called and asked if I could help with a photo shoot on the North Fork of the Payette. Of course I was hesitant, it was a very cold winter week.


Alec Voorhees and I loaded up with John and drove North towards the mountains. The temperature dropped to almost ten degrees, but the sun continued to rise.151201jjw-0150

The river had a lot of ice, making the river narrower and in some places making the channels impassable.


But we took some paddle strokes, ran a small amount of whitewater, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.


I’ve learned that weather is rarely a good excuse in going kayaking. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I’ve never had regret for paddling in undesirable weather. I hope you all can squeeze in a day or two this off-season.


Visit to see some awesome kayaking photographs by John Webster.

-Micah Kneidl

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