Redfish Magic


Off in the distance I could see a disturbance in the surface of the glass calm water; a tail waves me over. I slowly tracked the Kraken 15.5 towards it. A few hard strokes of the paddle and the boat continued to slide towards my target, as I picked up my spinning reel. I fired a ¼ oz gold spoon about 15 ft beyond the shallow water beast. I quickly started my retrieve to keep my bait off the grass filled bottom. Inches below the surface, my spoon fluttered towards just a few feet in front of where the large golden blur was facing. As it neared, a tail flip, then a big wake lifts magically out of the smooth surface and pushes water towards the lure. The line goes tight as I see my gold presentation disappear into the blur of gold, the wake picks up speed, pushes off to the right, my line cutting the glass behind it. The same time I set the hook, my reel screams in pain back at me. 50 ft of line later and I start gaining just to lose 20 more. 30 seconds to a minute later a 30”redfish from the marshes of Louisiana slides into my net. This is the real deal!


The marshes of Louisiana stretch for hundreds and hundreds of miles and it is an incredible portrayal of Gods beautiful creation. This brackish water is home to some of the finest fishing in the US. You can catch spotted seatrout by the hundreds, redfish longer than your leg, black drum that will spool you, flounder, largemouth bass and many more. For a kayak angler, there is nothing better if you ask me. Hunting tailing reds in inches of water is something that everyone should experience. The spot and stalk of a large drag screaming fish in water that most boats cant even reach has an adrenaline rush like no other. Everything has to go right, he cant spot you before you get your bait in front of him, a failed cast will have him cruising to the next county, and when that wake pushes 12 inches of water towards your bait, you have to do everything you can to not set the hook before he has it. But when everything lines up and you get a hook into a fish, the battle that follows is something that I still dream about. Please plan a trip down there, you will never regret it!


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