Rough year…

2016 was a rollercoaster ride of a year…

Ton of nasty conditions, not a lot of free time with wife working on finishing her Masters until May, only one trip outside of Monterey/Santa Cruz County all year (GSX), more nasty conditions, and then got injured (partially torn quadriceps) which has kept me out of the water and in a ton of pain since the end of October.

This was my first year since 2012 with no halibut, male sheepshead, or abalone, and my lowest Diver Of The Year score ever as well….

On the bright side though…after hunting them unsuccessfully since 2013 I finally managed to shoot some Striped Bass in the surf (actually managed to take 10 between May and August) and some were very nice specimens up to 43 inches and 31 pounds.

StriperGun JimDoubleFisted

I also got my second and third biggest Vermilion Rockfish so far at 21 and 20.75 inches, and my Personal Best Black Rockfish at 21.5 inches.

VermMoneyShot CombinedTake-2

Here were my goals when I started the year:

1. Shoot a Striper in the Ocean
2. Dive as many different reefs as possible
3. Get both girls out fishing with me in the kayak
4. Get a new Personal Best of either Ling, Cab, Verm, Sheep, Copper, Halibut, Olive, Grassy, Black, Blue, Ab or Scallop…don’t really care which…would be stoked on any of those.
5. Have as much fun diving and paddling as possible.

So I got the Striper and a new Personal Best Black, did explore some new reefs in Monterey/Santa Cruz and Humboldt County and had as much fun as I could given the circumstances and di get some nice fish here and there…did get both girls out on the kayaks with me, but Jayme only fished from a power boat so will have to work harder on that next year I guess.

Orion85 ColorfulTake DCIM100GOPRO

Here is a video of some of my favorite footage from the year:

Thanks for looking!



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