Cuda HD is Amazing


I have been able to fish and paddle out of the Cuda HD for about a two weeks now, and this kayak is a beast. Previously I mainly rode the Cuda 12 and I loved that boat. It was quick, stable, and had great maneuverability. I have fished the Cuda 12 in many rivers and lakes and it did perfectly through many situations. Now with the Cuda HD, it is a new and upgraded Cuda 12. It comes in at 12’10” and 33 inches wide, but still has the speed and maneuverability as the other Cuda models. With improved elite seating system, you can adjust your trim to help the boat track better. While fishing I like to run a bigger battery for my Lowrance Hook 7, and with the sliding seat I was able to move the seat back to better balance the kayak. The Cuda HD was built for all anglers it is super stable and quick, and a huge plus to the Cuda lineup.


The maneuverability and speed of the kayak is at a perfect balance. On lakes the Cuda HD tracks very well and great in the wind. Being that the boat is still about 12 feet long it maneuvers well on the rivers. Tracks well and with ability to turn quickly it makes this one of the best boats from Jackson Kayak. I mostly taken this boat out on rivers and has handled amazingly. I will soon take this kayak to many lake fishing tournaments, which includes the KBF National Championship 2017 on Kentucky Lake.


Overall the Cuda HD is a stunning kayak, but there is still a place for the other Cuda models. I love all the new features added to the boat, it creates an open platform for fishing and paddling. I give this boat a 10 out of 10 and I’m excited for the experiences I will have in this boat!

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