Nirvana- A Creek Boat for Rapid Decent

Rush Sturgis at Chaos, running the Nirvana prototype, photo by @pageskywalker

When we began working on the Nirvana almost a year ago, we didn’t plan on it being as user -friendly as the Karma, but we did expect it to be super fast.    By the time we finished the design, we ended up with a super friendly, fast, comfortable creek boat, that is a true game changer.    

Have your cake and eat it too?  Yes, you can with the Nirvana.       We originally planned on only one size but it came out so good, so versatile, that we are making two sizes of it. 

Here is what you can expect from it.

  1. When you paddle downstream, the bow stays high and dry, eliminating boof strokes that take up energy to get over the chop.    
  2. The boat goes where you want it without a lot of energy to get it started turning, and is easy to correct.    
  3. It glides out of drops like no other boat, carrying its speed while controlling with ease.
  4. The way it handles big water is hard to describe without sounding cheesy.    Basically, it takes the rapid down a class with incredible stability, non-edgy feeling, dry ride, high floating, bow dry, fast/nimble control.     I haven’t seen Dane so fired up on a design in a long time.    
  5. Steep/technical rapids- the hull is stable, but it floats over rocks and handles narrow slots without torquing your hips when you connect with rocks off center.    It boofs over holes and carries its speed past the holes even if your stroke timing isn’t great.   
  6. Big waterfalls- the hull shape, rocker profile, and bow softens the blow and is easy to control the decent.    
  7. Rolling- Great boat to learn to roll in.
  8. Safety- Uni-shock bulkhead is standard, of course, as anything else is both dangerous and hard to adjust.  
  9. Rear of cockpit and rear deck allows your body to lay against it without hurting and supports your entire back without hitting your lower back first in case you get wiped to the back deck on a big drop.
  10. Medium size, which is 9′ (maximum allowable racing length), handles a wide range of boater sizes nicely.    

Production boats are now being shipped, with the first ones heading to Vail for Team JK to race at the Steep Creek Championships at the GoPro Games.  There are quite a few Team Jackson paddlers who are as giddy as a kid at Christmas over getting the production versions of these boats, including me!

Give a Nirvana a try and it will become your new creekboat!





Comments on “Nirvana- A Creek Boat for Rapid Decent”

  1. June 10, 2017 at 5:21 am

    I am so excited to see and paddle this boat, I have loved my karma but In the past year I have gone through 3 other boats, each one lacking in one way or another, the “Newmad” numb and hard to keep on line (needed better edges), the Machno “better outfitting than the old boats but still lacking and also too much vertical side wall to be a true creeker, and the toro which has a poor “one size fits all” philosophy that just doesn’t work along with some pretty rough outfitting. Each time I circle back around to my trusty karma only wishing for a bit higher and punchier bow. what all those boats are missing is exactly what I see in the design behind the Nirvana. Can’t Wait to paddle one!!

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