Alright let me just grab your attention for a second. This is seriously the most fired up I have ever been on a boat, creekboat or playboat, simply because I didn’t realize how much could be crammed into one boat. Like you I’m sure, the first thing I was thinking is that a boat like this will be more challenging to paddle no matter how good it is, simply by being a high rockered 9ft boat. But holy crap, seriously, this feels like the easiest creekboat I have ever used. It’s super high rockered so both ends of the boat are high and dry, making it SOO easy to boof and stay bow dry through any type of whitewater, but also makes the boat super easy to turn and control. But now that you have all that sick stuff with the high rocker, there is also so much volume which gives you a laundry list of good things. I for one just feel like I am gonna be a more confident paddler being in a boat with this much volume. I have been using the proto Nirvana all spring on 5.6 Little Whites, massive whitewater at Stakeout, shallow creeks in Colorado etc. Having the high volume especially behind you and through the whole boat has given me a stability and comfort I didn’t know existed, I have yet to back ender this boat, and I’ve tried. With that volume all around you if you happen to plug something, or get swamped by a wave or curler, or just going through whiteout whitewater, you don’t feel any edges catch and just feels stable, so its much more relaxing and allows me to not stress as much in harder stuff. Also with the high rocker and big volume, the boat really has your back. Even if you don’t get your boof or land a bit on edge, the boat comes rocketing out and you can continue on line, rather than just going deep searching for Atlantis. So all in all I just can’t believe that a boat that is so easy to boof, control, stay on line, turn, correct, is also so easy to paddle.

I also have been sending with it in the NorthWest, it’s so sweet. This is gonna be my take anywhere do anything creekboat. Oh yeah, did I mention its gonna bring my racing and others to a whole other level? Yeah, she’s FAST!!
Check out my winning run from the Steep Creek at the GoPro Mountain Games here- https://www.facebook.com/dane.jackson.kayak

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