The Nirvana Takes Jones

Summer time in Alabama is usually not the time to go creek boating. However, this summer has been the exception! After some late season heavy rains, and a tropical storm to push the water table over the edge, Bama has been the place to be for warm water creek boating. A few weeks ago, I picked up my Nirvana from the factory, and I was very eager to take the new boat out! No less than 3 days of me picking up the new boat, a tropical storm moved into the area delivering 6ish inches of rain to all of north AL. With all of this rain and a new boat, what better place to break it in than Jones Creek!

Initial impressions of the Nirvana:

– One thing that became very apparent was the boat was FAST. I had to slow things down on multiple occasions to not plow any of my friends over.

-The boat is not dose not have aggressive edges.

-Boofing and staying on the surface of rapids was cake! I did not have to put a ton of thought into boofing tight technical drops. The boat just knew what to do!

-Overall, I loved the way the boat felt! It’s a fast and responsive boat that is a ton of fun to paddle! After I spend more time with it, I will write up a more detailed review on the Boat. As you can see, the boat has already proven to be very fast in recent comps!

A little bit about Jones Creek

Jones creek is located on Sand mountain in North AL. Jones is regarded as one of the steepest regularly run creeks in AL. Jones consist of a monster mile gradient loss of 450ft/per mile, and a half a mile section that drops close to 600ft per/mile. With that being said, Jones is STEEP and full of nonstop congested class V+ boulder gardens with a couple big slides thrown in there for good measure that will leave you smiling for days. The rapids on Jones are individually not all that bad. However, they are all stacked back to back with few eddies that separate them which can make swims very complicated. Jones drops like this for around a mile and a half, and then levels out to a continuous class III for a mile ish, and then you have a mile-long lake paddle to the take out. Jones is by far my favorite creek in AL, and if its running you will usually find me ditching work and all of my other responsibility to go catch a lap on it.

Couple things to keep in mind If you decide to visit Jones

-There is no gauge at the river (Check to get the best estimate on flows)

-Access to the river is always up in the air (ask a local about the most up to date access)

– Always be polite to the land owners and surrounding neighbors and park where you are supposed to (you don’t want to be the reason that this awesome run gets shut down)

Here is a short video I made of what Jones looks like and all the fun I had in my Nirvana! 

As always SYOTR, 

Matt Huddleston

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