8 reasons to LOVE the Nirvana

With the front rocker, it’s super easy to go over all the small waves and stay on top of the water 
It’s easy to turn. It has so much rocker that you can spin like a top 
Same same. It has so much rocker that it’s easy to boof
It’s fast. Fast is fun 
There is a lot of volume right behind the seat and it makes the boat stable 
Same same. It has so much rocker – and a big stern – that it skips 
I’ve got a terrible hand roll but somehow I can hand roll my Nirvana, even loaded after beatering on royal gorge. 
If you go on multi-days you can load your boat and it stills paddle well. The only limit is how much weight you can carry on portages. Fits a pack of 24 beers, camping gear and thee-four days of food EASY ! 
I’m sure there are way more reasons to like this boat so I would just suggest you try it for yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact me through my Facebook athlete page if you have any questions or comments regarding the Nirvana.

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