The Main Distraction at Work

I have to put my headphones on just to drown out this torture. I hear it from my desk at least once a week. I finally get some headway on a project and suddenly lose all focus. It’s all this stupid rain.

This has been the wettest summer since I really got into kayaking. It’s also the first summer I have worked full time. I cannot complain because the job has been fantastic, but I will say this has been extremely frustrating. To make it worse, it will even pour rain the first few days in the week, then quit just in time to let levels drop out before the weekend. It’s funny how life works sometimes…

All that said, there have certainly been a few silver linings to this precarious situation- a few weekends where the stars aligned. I have been lucky to catch a few days where the water waited on me. I got to run Big Scirum in Alabama for my first time and see the Locust at way higher levels than I’ve ever seen! What a treat! I also managed to sneak in Cascades, Ocoee, Pigeon, Cheoah and Tellico laps!

These have all been especially great opportunities to test out my Nirvana. I found myself blaming the learning curve on being too small for the boat. It took me a while, and a little help, to connect the dots that the Nirvana felt huge because I’ve only paddled 9’+ boats maybe four times ever. Despite the ‘bigger’ size, I’ve had a fantastic time in the Nirvana! It’s incredibly fast, stable, and fun to paddle. Check out the video bellow!

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