JK Nirvana Feedback about the boat from “an average” class IV/V paddler

Nirvana defined as a place of perfect peace and happiness.

To be honest with you, I was skeptical about trying the Nirvana boat.  I loved the Karma . . . I loved everything about the Karma.  I had tried other boats since the Karma came out, but always went back to it as my ‘boat of choice’.  The Karma made me feel comfortable, confident and “safe” when paddling challenging whitewater.

So, I tried the Nirvana prototype and loved some things about it and wasn’t too sure about other things about it . . . What convinced me to purchase the Nirvana was trusting the advice of the paddlers who helped develop the boat into what it is today. 

After purchasing the boat, I had it sitting in my yard for weeks and weeks, waiting for that perfect time to paddle it on our local class IV/V runs.  I put off paddling it on harder runs, because I wanted the “familiarity”, “confidence” and “safety” of my Karma.  I would find myself thinking, “well, yeah . . . Dane, Rush, Isaac . . . all those guys like the Nirvana because they are all great boaters!!!!  They can make any boat look and perform well!”

Finally, I convinced myself that I needed to just do it . . .

My life has now changed . . .

In the last 15 days, I have been out on the river in my Nirvana for 10 of them.  Two of which I double-downed on my river laps.  The first day I took the Nirvana out, I fell completely, 100% in LOVE with the boat.  I have never laughed, giggled, hooted or hollered more in a kayak than that first day (and I’ve been paddling for 14+ years and paddled ALL brands of kayaks).  I had so much fun in that kayak that as soon as I got to the take-out, I loaded my car for a second lap down the Truss.

What do I like about the boat?

Would it sound too generic if I said, “Everything!”  I’m being honest though . . . EVERYTHING!  The things I loved about my Karma are 10 times better and more fun in the Nirvana.

The most important things I look for in a kayak are stability, speed, boofability, maneuverability, resurfacing speed and rolling . . . all of which the Nirvana excels in. 

Since paddling the Nirvana, kayaking has become more fun.  With this enjoyment my confidence has gone up and I’m excited to challenge my skills again.  So, take this from a regional paddler with JK . . . the “hype is real” about this boat.

Nirvana – “a place of perfect peace and happiness” . . . I truly think JK chose the right name for this boat.  It’s my new “boat of choice” and I am so excited for the water to return and the creeking season 2018 to commence!


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