A quiver to be proud of

I believe a kayaker really needs a quiver these days. Especially if circumstances prevent one from travelling all over the place to find big water. Kids, jobs, mortgages etc can really get in the way. Here are the kayaks and their uses that help me deal with this issue. First, the Rockstar: Durango whitewater park. Although I do know guys that like their freestyle boats for the creeks here when they are low, I prefer the Antix for this. The Antix is also a great choice when the whitewater park is high. It is a great surfer and makes it easy to catch the high speed surf waves. The Antix is great boat to teach in. Very comfortable and sporty. I am also going to use the Antix to paddle gates this fall for fitness. Finally, the Nirvana. This will be my boat for medium to high flows for the local creeks and rivers. This will be my safety boat. I do not want a 250 pound swimmer hanging on to the back of my Antix while trying to pull him/her out of a class 4/5. Last I will use the Nirvana for DR. I am not sure if I will do any actual racing. I used to race the Gore Race in my younger days. 2nd is the best I ever finished. We will see what the future brings me with the Nirvana. Happy paddling.

– Dana Scalf

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