First Triple Crown

Hey everyone!!

Summer is now winding down, and fall is just around the corner! This past summer has been a very memorable one for me. I started the summer with a trip out to CO and then finished it out with 3 weeks of working as a camp nurse in NC for the month of July.

      Just a little bit about my most recent adventure to NC, I “worked” for 22 days at a high adventure summer camp as a night call nurse (my shift was from 8pm-8am). With this schedule, it provided me with 22 days of free time, and I spent the majority of that time doing lap after lap on the Green river narrows (the take out was 30 min from my camp). I believe the total count was 31 laps while I was there. Long story short, I spent a lot of time in the beautiful Green River Gorge!!

I had my Nirvana for 2ish weeks before I left Bama and traveled north, and had been getting more confident with the new design! Up until this point in my paddling days, I had never triple crowned on the Green Narrows, and Sunshine was the rapid that was standing in my way. If I can’t visualize running a rapid clean I don’t run it, and that is why I had always walked it.  However, with the help of some good friends I decided to change that this summer. A huge shout out to Wade Harrison for giving me the stoke to run it, and for helping pick up the pieces of some of my crashes. Also, thanks to everyone in and around the Green river gorge for making me feel welcome, and being willing to go paddle with a stranger.  You guys rock! 

Here is a little video of that day. Enjoy!

As always SYOTR!

Matt Huddleston

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