JK Nirvana Large vs Karma Large Photo Comparison

Being one of the “big guys” on the JK team, I have been getting several questions about size comparisons with the new Jackson Kayak Nirvana Large and the Karma Large. The JK website has the following specs listed for each model for a frame of reference:

JK Nirvana Large:
Length = 9’-4”
Width = 28”
Height = 14.25”
Volume = 97.1 gallons
Weight = 51 pounds

JK Karma Large:
Length = 9’-0”
Width = 28”
Height = 15”
Volume = 103 gallons
Weight = 54 pounds

The JK website has the kayaks width listed the same for each model, but the Nirvana is smaller in width when I placed them side by side. I also can feel the width difference between the two boats when paddling. I have more room in my paddling box in the Nirvana and I am hitting my hands less on the sides of the Nirvana.

I’ll let my photo comparison essay do the rest of the explaining that I posted on the Jackson Action Wagon Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JacksonActionWagon/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1445389165540143

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