Veracruz Part 2

Trip report from our trip to Mexico, look for Part 1

Our next day we took the day off from paddling, some of us were starting to come down with a stomach bug and the last thing I wanted was to cut the trip short.
We opted for exploring some local ruins called “Ruinas de Filobobos”.
This was a fertility cult established around 1200 AD, and the structures were amazing!
After a full day of taking in some of the surrounding buildings, checking out temples, and reading about the archaeological significance we headed back to Tlapacoyan for some Tacos Esquina. (Tacos on the corner)

The next morning we packed all of the repelling gear and headed into the 7 Sisters section of the Al Seseca.
At the start of this run, you have two options, either run Tomata 2 which is a technical 80′ drop or you can descend a 100′ repel into the pool at the base of the waterfall.
We opted for the repel, after setting our anchor and lowering people on one line and boats on another we started into the gorge.
The 7 sisters are a series of 7 small to mid-size drops with the largest being about 30′ from top to bottom.
1 and 2 are fairly straightforward boofs, number 3 boasts a 20′ slide descending into a 15′ vertical drop at the end.
4 is a relatively easy boof on the left and 5 is typically portaged because of the undercut wall at the end of the drop.
But number 6 make the entire run worth it! This drop is the cleanest 22′ boof that you have ever seen in your life!
The flake at the top sets your angle perfectly, and the airated water below give you a nice soft landing.

At the takeout you are in a Orange and Banana orchard, so pack some beer into the Suburban and pick an Orange for the ride home.
Make sure to tip Tabo, he is one of the Aventurec drivers and was awesome the whole trip!
The next few days we spend at the Roadside section getting ready for the 10th Annual Race, multiple fast laps and helping some of the locals clear out some wood that fell into the race course was on the agenda.
When Saturday rolled around and the race festivities began to commence, it was awesome to see so many local government officials getting involved with the welcome ceremony.

Complete with a blessing from a local shaman, and a local purification and blessing ritual.
The race is split into two different groups, the short race starts first and then they transition in the long race.
The long race is from the first rapid all the way through the takeout rapid, and the short section ends right after the “Sticky Hole” rapid.
My goal coming down was to get in the top ten, there were 34 competitors this year, and I felt like this was reasonable goal.
Here is my full race run if you care to watch 🙂

My time was 13:29 which put me at number 11, so I just missed my personal goal but you never get anywhere in life by not setting expectations for yourself.

Considering that my friends and I had just ran the race course for the first time 6 days before the race!
In conclusion, GO PADDLE IN MEXICO!
The scenery was amazing, it was a very safe environment, the locals were exceptionally kind, and the food was top notch!

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