The Royal Polaris knot

I have been fishing with spectra super lines for a long time. I am always on the hunt for the perfect connection for my leader. Over time I have gone from the Uni to Uni, to the Bimini Twist, and then to the Sebile (aka SG). Like everything else, they all have their pros and cons.
I recently discovered the Royal Polaris knot (aka John Collins knot). This knot checks all of the boxes on my “dream knot” list:
• Small
• Strong
• Tiny tag ends that are parallel to the mainline
• Easy to tie on the water
• Can be used with heavy leader (up to #60)
I can’t recommend it enough! This smooth, compact connection flies through the guides!!
This video does a great job describing how it compares to other knots and it also shows you how to tie it.

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