River Troutin’ with the Coosa FD

Our weather out here in CA has been a little hit or miss lately, but a couple decent days lined up with my days off. So my dad and I hit the water on one of our local floats, the Mokelumne river. My Dad planned on just a relaxing float, while I planned to target the rainbows that inhabit the waters.
We launched to some brisk conditions, which later warmed into a really pleasant day. I brought along my Coosa FD to see how it would perform in moving water and my Dad brought his Kilroy . This particular section of river varies quite a bit in depth, everything from 6” of water or less, to 20ft deep. I figured it would be a good test for the versatility of one of Jackson’s newest kayaks.
I started off throwing my usual jerkbaits and had action almost immediately, with a couple hits that didn’t stick and a nice follower. And it wasn’t long before I had a couple fish on board! This time of year the fish have really bright colors and like always are hard fighters. I picked up fish here and there, with a couple around the 20” mark. There were a few long distance releases, but definitely not a bad day of fishing my local river!
 The Coosa FD changed my normal approach to fishing this section of river. Normally, I stay in a seated position, but the FD is so stable I stood during most of the float. This was great because I could spot not only fish following my lure, but the numerous downed trees in the water. A lot less snags for me! The other big thing for me was being able to maintain my position in moving water. I could pedal to the top of a pool or run and stay there while making multiple casts.  I can see where the Coosa FD will be great for back trolling plugs for salmon or steelhead. I look forward to giving this technique a try in the near future. The more I use this kayak the more I realize how versatile it is!

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  1. March 27, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    I just purchased my Coosa FD, I, like you am an avid Trout fisherman, especially on the FLY, I can’t wait to hit the lakes and rivers, I also go blue crabbing off of my kayak and one of the reasons that I chose the Coosa over the other brands, i just love the way everything is situated, and the stability. Love the way you snaked the Dragonfly power cord through the rod holder, did you mount the transducer inside the hull or are you using the scupper hole on your right

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