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Emily Jackson Archives

CCK Opening Day and AW Fundraiser!

DCIM100GOPROG0116570.This year was my first time attending CCK’s opening day on the South Fork of the American. All I could say was WOW. What a turn out! We had full classes from SUP, to Playboating, River Running, Creeking, and a Fun Run with Colin and Hilde. Each class had 2 instructors Read More

Top Ten Gear Picks for the Mighty Nile River in Uganda

DCIM100GOPROG0041508.Emily’s Top Ten Gear Picks for Uganda! Going paddling in a warm weather climate? Or just thinking about spring paddling that is soon to be here? My recent trip to Uganda reminded me of a few things I simply cant live without. (okay maybe I could live, but my trip or paddling Read More

Uganda Trip 2015- A trip of Firsts!!

DCIM100GOPROG0174955.White Nile Adventures This past three weeks I have been lucky enough to spend on the banks of the White Nile, River in Uganda. While this destination is one of the best in the world for warm water kayaking. It is slowly disappearing due to dams being built. Originally we paddled two Read More

Uncompromising | Emily Jackson | TEDxVail

“There is zero competition in being yourself.” Emily Jackson - A 2-time World Champion Freestyle Kayaker is a mother, wife and team manager for Jackson Kayak who shares her secrets to becoming a champion and developing an Uncompromising voice in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK9fEA0fzc0&noredirect=1

Family First!

This summer while visiting Millau, France for the 1st of 3 World Cups, we had the opportunity to work with Adrenaline by L'Equip! They made this great piece on Dane and I. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp27zyR68xA

Final Results- Sickline 2014

What an action packed weekend! The Sickline Race did not disappoint. It was crazy to see the same winners from the year before. Both with impressive runs. Joe Morley didnt look like the fastest person on course all weekend but he pulled it off in the finals and claimed his second Read More

Sickline Race! Here we go! 2014!!!

Sickline Race 2014! Here we go!! Today is the last training day for the 2014 Sickline Race here in Oetztal, Austria. The water levels have been quite low until two days ago when a warm rain storm him all the snow in the mountains. What happened then wasn’t a surprise, the water shot Read More

JK’s Feature Athlete: Alec Voorhees! Read more about him here!

At Jackson Kayak we are super proud of our WW Team- but we don't always feel like everyone gets to know them as well as they should! So starting with this one we will be interviewing our team to give you a little more insight on the characters that make up Read More

Canadian Team Trials Day 1 Re-Cap!

Hydro Quebec has been incredibly generous and has helped us get the water low for one of the Worlds best waves: GARBERATOR! Garberator is a fast, powerful wave with hard shoulders making it so you can go big but also crash hard. Luckily today the levels were as good as they Read More

Video of Dane and Emily at the Natural Games 2014

This year the first World Cup was held at one of Europes biggest outdoor events- the Natural Games in Millau, FR. Dane and I were lucky to be featured athletes at this event and we got a ton of exposure including this awesome video showing a little about our history (with Read More

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