ROCKSTAR Competition (Freestyle)

ROCKSTAR Competition (Freestyle) Jackson Kayak’s not-so secret to success, the Rockstar has dominated almost every freestyle podium since it’s introduction. This newest Rockstar has a faster, looser hull despite being our shortest boat in the lineup. With extra high, flaired sidewalls for stability, this little boat makes freestyle easier than ever. The shorter ends allow the boat to rotate faster, avoid hitting bottom in shallow features and get vertical with less effort. The volume in the knees give you the pop you want to get BIG air on loops while the upswept foot area enables quicker rotation so you can stick the trick. The Rockstar is available in two different builds- Competition Version (with an ultra light carbon track and a touch less plastic) and a standard build for our usual light-weight durability.

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Product Features

  • 1  - Innegra™ Carbon Track

    Lighter, Stiffer Innegra™ Fiber/Foamcore hull support track
  • 2  - Improved Hull

    The shortest boat we’ve made is actually incredibly fast and our loosest hull as well. Try it and see for yourself.
  • 3  - Short Ends for Quick Rotation and Shallow Features

    It’s not secret that the more compact the shape the faster it spins, so we’ve gone way out of our way to give you the fastest rotating boat in the market, with the side-benefit that it’s less likely to hit bottom to boot.
  • 4  - JK's Sweet Cheeks

    For an instant custom fit, this orthotic-like device molds to your body to reduce pressure points and give you added grip on your boat.
  • 5  - JK's Happy Feet

    Another orthotic-like bean-bag suction innovation from Jackson Kayak, this unique design adjusts forwards and back while cushioning your toes so well you can even go barefoot - even where you might hit bottom.
  • 6  - Nalgene Bottle  - Nalgene

    USA made, BPA free and ready for years of use - just like your kayak!
  • 7  - Go- Pro Ready  - GoPro

    Your kayak is equipped with a screwed in Go Pro mount you can use right on the bow OR unscrew and stick somewhere else of your choosing.
  • 8  - Surelock Backband System

    This instantly adjustable design is not only adjustable right from the cockpit, but also uses no metal parts that can rust, corrode or break and leave you stranded. Should you break a rope, simply tie a knot and you’re off again - how simple is that! Designed to swing down when you lean back so your spine stays comfy all day no matter how many times you roll.