Kilroy This sit-inside kayak design incorporates several other Jackson fishing features found throughout our sit-on-top kayaks. Features like the Hi/Lo seating in the comfortable Elite Seat 2.0, the fast Cuda 12 hull shape, enormous amounts of protected storage for fishing and hunting gear, protected rod storage in tubes along the sidewalls, interchangeable hard deck and optional soft deck options, and strategically located accessory mounting locations. It is also one of our most stable kayaks since the standing area is actually below the waterline, thus creating a very stable platform. The Kilroy is built with YakAttack tracks and comes standard with various RAM accessories. The Kilroy is tailored for the outdoorsman, offering features for the kayak angler, hunter, wildlife photographer, bird watcher, and anyone hoping to enjoy being on the water all while staying high and dry!

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Product Features

  • 1  - Ergo Seat

    Jackson’s new Ergo Seat with all new 3D breathable mesh fabric, improved lumbar support, strengthened supports for hi-low seating, additional storage spots and compatible with the newer track/hi-low systems being built at JK
  • 2  - Sit Inside Design

    Lower center of gravity than sit on tops. All gear contained inside the kayak. Better protection from weather for colder climates. The open cockpit allows for easy entry and exit, keeps you drier than SOT's, are easy to shoulder, and minimizes weight.
  • 3  - 'Tech Decks'

    The open front open cockpit design was specifically intended to accept a series of 'Tech Deck' accessory options, from a fabric mesh sunscreen or fly line skirt, to a rigid platform offering fishing features. The cockpit is symmetrical, so each deck can fit in front of or behind the seat.
  • 4  - SOT Deck features on hull

    The Kilroy utilizes a molded deck system at the hull level of the kayak, so all the best features of our SOT designs are still there. Rod stagers along the wall, tubular rod tip protectors, sidewall tackle storage, Hi-Lo seating,, and a wide standing platform are also industry firsts for sit-in designs. Open storage in front of and behind seat, with secure rigging at the hull and deck levels.
  • 5  - Increased Standability

    Designed with stand-ability in mind, you'll find a wide standing platform as roomy as the Coosa and Cuda, with the added benefit of being closer to the water line for even more stability.
  • 6  - Gear Tracks  - YakAttack

    Located on both sides (fore and aft), the Yakattack gear tracks are built in to the kayak in easily accessible locations for adding accessories and RAM Mounts.
  • 7  - RAM Rod holders  - RAM Mounts

    Each kayak includes (2) YakAttack Screwballs (1.5”), RAM 2007 Rod Holder, and a RAM Tube Jr.
  • 8  - Tackle Management and Plano Boxes  - Plano

    There are designated areas beside and under the seat that make reaching tackle boxes extremely easy and keeps your deck clutter free.
  • 9  - 32 oz Nalgene / Central Beverage Holder  - Nalgene

    Each kayak includes a Nalgene 32 ounce wide mouth water bottle.Made in the USA, our custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson Kayak logos.
  • 10  - Kayak Glove Box

    On the underside of the hard deck is a tucked away cubby/glove box, great for stashing items like pliers, scissors, phone, etc (not sealed)
  • 11  - Foam Patch

    Located in the center of the hard deck, this is a great location to stage flies, lures or hooks.
  • 12  - Drain Holes

    Are located on the rim of the cockpit, so to drain the kayak simply turn it upside and let the water drain through the holes on the cockpit rim.
  • 13  - Hull Storage

    Open hull space that allows for safe storage of fishing rods, camping gear, PFD’s, dry bags, etc.. A great way to keep your gear safe when traveling and generous volume allows you to pack enough gear for expedition paddling.
  • 14  - Heavy duty seat attachment buckle

    Durable and tough attachment that will outlast all the use and abuse you can manage, season after season. Keeps your seat locked in position and makes you feel connected to the kayak.
  • 15  - Paddle Stager

    The perfect compliment to the rod stagers. These allow easy stowing of your paddle when you are ready to make that perfect cast, and keeps it from rolling around or blowing away with the wind.
  • 16  - Removable skid plate

    We protect the biggest wear area on the kayak with the skid plate. Your keel will last season after season with this smart feature.
  • 17  - Flat Storage Area

    Located behind seat there is flat storage area much like a tankwell on sit on tops, but this sits down and protected in the kayak.
  • 18  - Two-Layer Standing Pad

    NEW Two-Layered Standing pad. Great for sound dampening and super comfortable for standing and fishing.
  • 19  - Ergonomic Handles

    NEW Ergonomic Handles with added grip textured inserts help you keep good contact when carrying your kayak, even when wet. Also, there is no fabric to ensure snag-proof days on the water.
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Comments on “Kilroy”

  1. Gord Laird
    March 25, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Hi have owned my kilroy for two years now . It is exactly as professional as described . My fish count went up a lot. The most surprising thing that i noticed was how stealthy it is. I can just drift along with a sinking line and the striks just don’t stop. I purchased mine from Western
    Canoeing in Abbotsford BC they are very nice people to deal with. thanks Gord.

  2. Dee Sutton
    June 14, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    I have had my Kilroy for almost a year and I absolutely love it! For me it’s perfect. It gives me the functionality of a sit on top with the security of a sit inside. I have so much storage room which I love because it allows me to keep things organized and out of my way. The seat is very comfortable especially with the lumbar support which is very important since we are usually out fishing for several hours at a time. The Kilroy is very stable and allows me to stand up and fish or just paddle to spot fish which is something I was afraid to do before. Although I have modified mine with a trolling motor, when I am paddling it is very smooth, doesn’t take too much effort and it tracks great. If you are a woman that loves to fish…this is the kayak for you!!

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