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Riviera T Jackson Kayak’s most loved Riviera just got even more FUN, now available as a Tandem. The “Rivi-T” offers the same comfortable high-back seat on both the front and back sitting location. A tandem sit on top allows you to work together when paddling, or simply bring someone along for a ride. Whether a spouse, kid, or even pet, the Rivi-T is fun for the whole family. Available with two day hatches, bungee system on the back for a cooler or other gear - this rugged kayak is ready to hit the water!

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Product Features

  • 1  - High Back Seats for Ultimate Comfort

    When paddling your kayak, its important to be comfortable, which is why we offer a high back for added support.
  • 2  - Molded-in footbraces

    Multiple foot resting locations means there is one for every size person.
  • 3  - Molded-in grab handles

    Easy to hold, large grab handles make it easy for carrying, transporting, or strapping down.
  • 4  - Two added side handles

    Want to flip the boat on its side or swim beside it, these grab handles provide added holding points.
  • 5  - 2 Day Hatches

    Keep your phone, wallet, camera or other items dry in our 2 provided day hatches.
  • 6  - Bungeed platform in back for added storage

    This platform allows you to bring a variety of added equipment, from coolers, to dogs and more!
  • 7  - Skid Plate for dragging

    Carrying boat alone can be tricky, which is why added a skid plate along the bottom of the hull. This way you don’t have to pick it up, simply grab the front grab handle and drag it.
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