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Rockstar XS - Kids Introducing a playboat just for kids! This is a 100% performance oriented boat; a mini-size model of the World Championships winning Rock Star. The Extra-Small Rockstar will have your kid learning freestyle in no time; they'll shine on their home wave, or maybe in the next World Championships! Lightweight, durable, dry, and comfortable, this design will define youth kayaking for years to come! Here is what Team Jackson's, Abby Holcomb, has to say about it: "I can't wait until I can paddle this boat! A barely fit in my shooting star so perfect timing! Thank you again! "

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Rockstar XS - Kids - Product Description

Product Features

  • 1  - Right-sized Kids Boat

    Kids around the world are graduating from the Fun 1, to the Shooting Star, but then have a major gap where no boat is an appropriate size for them. This boat will be THE boat that fills that void.
  • 2  - High Performance Hull

    It surfs like a dream- faster hull helps catch and stay on waves, but the real difference is in how much narrower the hull is, making it much nicer for dropping edges and carving. It feels like a much sportier, friendlier boat on a wave. Easier to surf and learn tricks, flatter hulls that are way looser/easier to spin, all while providing better top end performance.
  • 3  - Classic JK whitewater outfitting

    All the ease of adjustability of JK whitewater boats.
  • 4  - Balanced Volume

    Perfect balance of volume to give big air for loops, etc.., but lower volume ends for easily getting vertical as a beginner or expert.
  • 5  - Snappy/Efficient Take-Offs

    Taking off the water is much snappier and takes less energy by far due to the narrow hull and faster hull. Back moves seem about 50% easier and front moves about 25% easier.

Comments on “Rockstar XS – Kids”

  1. April 9, 2018 at 4:38 am

    I’m 14 years old and I’m 110 pounds and I’m looking for a playboat.
    I’d love to get an XS Rockstar but kayaking isn’t my main sport and I need something i can grow into. I have paddled boats that I am at the bottom of the weight range of and I find it impossible to get vertical on flat water. so i was wondering if it’s the boat or Just me. And if a S Rockstar would work for me?

    1. July 22, 2018 at 4:36 pm

      Hey Riley!
      The XS is your size now, but the Small you will grow into. Sit up on extra seat pads and as far forwards as possible to maximize your ability to get vertical! Also recognize that getting vert takes muscle and timing… the more days you try the sooner you will succeed. I know several women at 115 who flatwater loop / bow stall / and compete in the Rockstar S even though they own an XS to practice in. You can work the S – but if you can borrow an XS often and try learning the tricks in it you will gain balance and strength and learn to muscle the S around much faster that way. Good luck! Clay

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