SUPerNatural This recreational and touring board is ready for any mission. Its length, width and thickness make it extra stable and great for first timers. Molded-in features as well as aftermarket accessories will allow its owners to fully customize it to their needs. Whether camping, cruising, fishing, hunting or hauling, anything is possible on the SUPerNatural.

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SUPerNatural - Product Description

Product Features

  • 1  - Durable

    Made out of the same plastic as our whitewater kayaks, these boards are design to withstand hard use.
  • 2  - High Capacity

    Large stable platform allows you to load this board up and still be stable.
  • 3  - Multiple Grab Handles

    Several carrying points make it easier to transport this kayak.
  • 4  - Deck Rigging

    Hold down your bags, maps, rods or other items you want to have on hand while paddling.
  • 5  - Removable Fins

    Easy to place on and take off, these rubber fins are designed to take hits from rocks without breaking.
  • 6  - Padding for Landing/ Grip

    For the times you do fall to your knees, you dont have to worry about a hard board hitting them. With the padding your body is protected and you have added grip while standing.
  • 7  - Go Pro Ready  - GoPro

    Capture the moment easier with a screwed in ready to use Go Pro Mount.

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