How do I install a fish finder?

The Jackson fishing kayaks are designed to have transducers installed through the scupper holes.  You’ll notice the underside openings for the scuppers are wide to fit any size transducer.  Simply get a piece of high density foam and shape it to the shape of the scupper hole so that it fits snug, but yet is flush with the hull.  Now, remove the foam and trace out the shape of your transducer.  Then, cut the shape out with a knife or box cutters.  Also, be sure to cut into the foam the proper depth of your transducer so that it now fits flush with the foam (and eventually the underside of the boat).  Drill a hole through the center of the foam (or on one side) to run your transducer wire up to the top side deck of the boat.  From there you will now install your unit via whatever method you’ve chosen (RAM, Scotty, Yak Attack etc) in whatever flat surface is available for mounting.  We’ve left plenty of flat areas available for this, and keep in mind on the Cuda and Big Tuna you can mount to the center hatches if you prefer.  Mount your unit and then find the best place for your batteries (on the Coosa it is in the day hatch, the Cud you may use the center hatch and on the Big Tuna you may have to externally secure them externally or run wire from the rear hatch if you choose to hang your battery box there).  You can choose to glue the foam into the scupper hole (losing one scupper hole will not hurt) or you can shove it snuggly into the scupper hole so that it is easily removable.