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Big Rig Archives

Counting follows

I don’t believe I’ve ever fished for a fish where you count follows.  A "follow" meaning the fish following the bait to the boat.  I’ve counted strikes before when fishing and I’ve counted fish that have “long distance released” themselves, but never follows.  I learned last week that in musky fishing you Read More

Hidden Gems Video – Why I kayak fish in the first place!

It hit me the other day that I never write about the baseline reason I like to go fishing from a kayak: It simply opens up a huge list of hidden gem waterways I can fish from! Most of them rarely get fished. I'm blessed to live in Read More

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Hook, Line and Sinker    If you live in “plastic paradise” you might take for granted the components in completing your favorite soft plastic bass rig. Picking each out, organizing them and creating a balanced set up is a critical factor to your catches. Lots of choices, included are price, preference Read More

Wrap Up: 2014 CBKA Tournament

It begun on September 12th 2014 with a 4 hour drive from my home to the destination of Camp Wright on Kent Island Maryland. Once past the beaten paths of NJ and onto Delaware after Route 299 (I will never go that way again) and onto Rt 301. Rt 301 was a Read More


Common sense clues to fishing feel baits for BIG bass Too often people seek technology for a common sense problem. There’s an app for that, real world common sense solutions. I describe it as “separating yourself from your senses”. Shut off your I-Phone, I-Pad and other electronic devices. Used in conjunction with electronic aids, Read More

The Atlantic IFA Tour in Georgetown

The folks from the Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) and the city of Georgetown, SC did an outstanding job on the second leg of the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour for the Atlantic Division. The objective of the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour is to catch one redfish and one speckled trout. For South Read More

Big Rig Flounder Fishing in New Jersey

Arrival at the beachRolled out of bed to an unseasonable chill. Fifty four degrees Fahrenheit actually. For a moment I thought it was October and was getting up to go striped bass fishing but actually it was the end of August. Typically if it falls below 65 degrees time of year that is cool. So Read More

New world record- 1247lb shark caught from Big Rig

Two nods on the rod tip and line that slowly started ticking off the spool was all that happened. At over 1600ft something had picked up my big deadbait slowly drifted over the bottom. I knew it was likely to be a greenland shark since they are the only predators big Read More

Big Rig Success Story

I just returned from an adventure with the youth from our church on the Coosa River in Wetumpka Alabama. Due to work I missed the trip last year and was really looking forward to this trip. Our youth pastor Daniel had a rough time on that trip and spent more time Read More

Getting the Edge on Bass

Almost every creature does it. Our world is full of examples. Gamblers, tournament competitors and athletes all try to get it, it’s using the edge. To consistently catch bass in every kind of water, in each season and under all conditions, understanding the fish and how it relates to its Read More

River Bassin Recap – Leechburg, PA

PA river bass Drew GregoryWell, another (ok, several) Jackson Kayak River Bassin Regional events have come and gone! However, it is my favorite time - recap time! This time I'll recap the regional event was held in the Pittsburg, PA area at The Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak (Leechburg, PA). As always I fish before the event one Read More

The Big Rig Experience at Wee Tee Lake

[caption id="attachment_46629" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="View of Wee Tee Lake"][/caption] Wee Tee Lake is a freshwater impoundment that was part of the Santee River system. As the Santee River changed its course these changes would leave ponds or lakes which are known as oxbows. Usually these oxbow lakes are in the shape of Read More

Outdoor Retailer Update: What’s new at JK!

Good times at Outdoor Retailer here in Utah! We're showing off all our new products to our dealers but I wanted to at least make this short simple post to share the stoke with everyone else because so many people keep asking via Facebook, Instagram etc. I'll briefly list out all Read More

Summertime on the Florida Flats

The "dog days" of summer can be the most difficult time of year to fish the flats of East Central FL.....but also the most rewarding. High water temps can make for dirty water and sluggish fish. Get on the water early, use lures which imitate bait fish such as mullet and Read More

Wrap Up: The 7th Annual Point Pleasant Elks Fluke Tournament Kayak Division

Another tournament in the books but an incredible experience for myself as this was my first tournament that i had run mostly alone besides help from Gary Ward with Facebook posting promotions and making phone calls during the day. The Jersey Paddler and Pat Wooley was a big help sponsoring with prizes!! Read More

MID-SEASON REPORT: River Bassin Trail Set for Epic Finish

Ok, before I begin I have to take a deep breathe because there is a lot of exciting stuff to talk about concerning the trail this year and how it is panning out. The River Basser of the Year (RBOY) and River Bassin Team of the Year (RBTOY) races are very Read More

Purtis Creek Outing in the Big Tuna’s

Jackie (my wife) and I run a little tournament trail here in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. This month’s location was on Purtis Creek State Park. This is a great kayak lake on about 915 acres. This lake is stocked with Florida strain Large Mouth Bass, and can grow to Read More

Raymarine Dragonfly Installation on the Jackson Big Rig Kayak

How to install the Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder on a Jackson Big Rig using the Jackson Big Rig Transducer Kit. Installation of a fish finder is really easy with the Jackson Transducer Kit. There several options for installing a fish finder on the Jackson Big Rig but this is my preferred Read More

That’s why they call it fishing!

When I first purchased my Big Rig it's main purpose and function was to be my primary musky fishing vessel. The water here in WV has been marginal at best since the beginning of summer and I hadn't gotten a chance to get my boat into any of my local musky Read More

LSU take College Kayak Fishing title…again!

When Brooks Beatty, Jameson Redding and I started College Kayak Fishing a couple years ago we thought it would be a great thing to do for the college students and for the sport of kayak fishing as a whole. We weren't sure if it would "stick" or if there were enough Read More

Installing the Micro-Anchor on a Jackson Big Rig with a Rudder

How to install a Power Pole Micro-Anchor on a Jackson Big Rig with a rudder system using the YakAttack Power Pole Micro Adapter Kit. Also components that I used to install the Micro-Anchor is the Big Rig Battery Tray and the Big Rig Power Pole Mounting Kit. Installation time is Read More


With the recent weather windows and a clear schedule I have had the opportunity to jump on the Big Rig and fish hard for the ever elusive big three. For those of you that don't know what the "Three Kings" are I will fill you in. Some call it the trinity, the Read More

Kayak catching smallmouth bass

I’ve fished for smallmouth bass all over North America. Smallmouth bass can be toughest fish to find. For many anglers the most common error is to approach smallmouth like largemouth bass. At times they will hit same artificial lures but make no mistake they live a very different lifestyle. Read More

Big Rig “Complaint”

I have had a Jackson Big Rig for almost a year now. I have fished it in saltwater, on large lakes and in rivers with rapids. I have bow fished, fly fished and done just about anything that can be done with conventional gear out of it. I have yet to Read More

All the Buzz

For bass fishing there for me is a category called situational baits. Specific baits that work under certain weather, water conditions or seasonally, let me introduce you to the buzzbait. The appeal for bass is a raucous, whirling, gurgling surface intruder, for the bass angler there is the anticipation of a Read More

Made in America: Custom Color JK Big Rig

My thanks to the entire team at Jackson kayak in Sparta. I picked up my Big rig Friday June 13th and couldn’t be happier with the quality and look of the Red, White and Blue kayak (complete with stars). It’s because of folks like you that I get to live the Read More

Big Rig on the Big River

So I have had my Big Rig for over a week now and I can say that I have completely fallen in love with it. I've had it out several times this week on the Ohio River here in WV chasing bass and even took it out one night for an Read More

Catch More Bass per strike on any lure… understand what is going on under the water…

It is not uncommon for people to ask, “Are the bass biting today?” and the accurate answer is always “no, they are not biting, but they are attempting to inhale today!”   Fishing for bass is quite a complicated process to do well repeatedly.    It entails finding the fish, tempting them with Read More

Biggest Errors for Bass Anglers

I’m an expert at losing BIG bass. While I’ve caught hundreds it came at a price. Think of a way to lose a trophy fish and I’ve done it. Here’s my list of the easiest and most common errors that can cost you that bruiser bass. Hope you can learn from Read More

Pike Fishing

Spring fishing is not my most favourite time of the year to fish. The reason? Because I love fishing for bass. Here in the Great White North bass doesn't open 'till the end of June. BUT my passion is fishing and enjoying the outdoors. So, I decided Read More

Big Rig Stand Up Bar Mod

I've been spending some quality time in my Big Rig and came up with this little mod that makes my time on the water a just a bit easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXO-HIiNH5w

Sunrise on the Mosquito Lagoon

Alan Ryland, friend and fishing partner, in his Jackson Big Rig... greeting the morning on the Mosquito Lagoon. He would go on to get his grand slam by 10 am that morning... tarpon, trout, redfish and snook.

Big Rig – What a boat!

May 10, 2014 was an epic day for most kayakers around this area of Canada after a long, long winter. A get-together of people with one common interest: kayak fishing in the waters of the St-Lawrence River in Boucherville, QC. It was the afternoon of May 9, I was hard at work Read More

Big Rig Bowfishing

I recently got to take my Big Rig out and do some bowfishing. I knew it would do well, but it truly exceeded my expectations. Hope you enjoy the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIO_jmtvpj4

The Transition

Every once in a while I get lucky and the weather and tides come together. Murphy's law becomes irrelevant because of a planetary enigma that I just haven't figured it out yet occurred and the fishing is phenomenal. Spring and early summer are my favorite time of the year to fish Read More

The Right Rod and Reel

Life is all about options and choices. When it comes to fishing the same parameters apply. Preferences vary for anglers choosing kayaks, places to paddle, species of fish to catch, lures to cast and rod and reel combinations to use. Everyone likes something different, that’s why they make chocolate and Read More

12- Pound Big Bass- Big Rig- Big Fun!

[caption id="attachment_43971" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Sorry buddy, you can't live in the boat with me- Big Rigs are for people, but thanks for visiting!"][/caption] I have been catching lots of big bass lately in my Big Rig... seems that it is the goal of the big bass to tell their friends that they, Read More

Cedar Creek Lake – Bluegrass Yakmasters Open

The Bluegrass Yakmasters kicked off their second season with the Cedar Creek Lake Open in Stanford Kentucky this April. Cedar Creek Lake is quickly becoming the premiere “big bass” hot spot in the state of Kentucky. This 784-acre lake was built specifically to produce trophy bass. With endless amounts of cover Read More

Devils River Adventure

Tired doesn't begin to explain the way I feel after getting back from one of my longest road trips of the year - from Charlotte to west Texas, then to Georgia and back. We made many stops along the way, visiting with several awesome JK dealers, friends and family. However, as Read More

Earth, Wind and Fire

Natural forces can ruin your bass fishing until you learn to work within the limitations rather than fight them. Personally not a fan of muddy water (earth) wind or fire(steaming summer water temperatures) each can have an effect on your fishing but when managed can help you take catastrophe and turn Read More

How-To Install a Power-Pole Micro Anchor on the Jackson Kayak Big Rig, Cuda 14, and Kilroy

  The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is no doubt one of the coolest innovations to hit the kayak fishing market. ‘Best In Show’ winner of the ICAST 2013 New Product Showcase, the Micro Anchor brings the proven ‘swift, silent, secure’ anchoring technology that dominates the larger bass boat market to the ultralight world Read More

Kayak Crankbaiting for bass

To search water quickly one of the most effective baits there is and probably one of the most misunderstood is the crankbait. At times merely casting the crankbait as far as you can and reeling it back will catch fish. This might a blessing or a curse. So folks view Read More

Broken Bow Kayak Classic

Beaver Bend Kayak Classic Jackson Kayak was one of the sponsors for a very special event in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. This Kayak fishing tournament was put on by OKC - Tulsa Kayak and benefited Families Fighting Childhood Cancer. Wow what a event a lot of money was raised for FFCC ($3,100.00) and Read More

Wrap Up: 3rd Annual Susky Flats Kayak Fishing Jamboree

For the past 2 years Jersey Cape Kayak Fishing (JCKF) a New Jersey based kayak fishing club has organized a Jamboree for kayak anglers to get together have fun camp and fish the Susquehanna River Delta at the Chesapeake Bay in Havre de Grace Maryland. The Jamboree's Read More

Exploring the Grasslands in North Texas: Video

Mark and I had a great day,  exploring several small lakes in North Texas at the Grasslands National Park.  Did not get any fish but had a great day in our Jackson Kayaks! http://youtu.be/o2c8-c0iqY0

River Bassin Trail Recap – Gadsden, AL

The first “regional event” on the 2014 River Bassin Trail presented by Jackson Kayak was everything we hoped it would be! Thirty-six river anglers came out to beautiful Gadsden, Alabama to compete for the title and take home a new Jackson Kayak Coosa - the ultimate river fishing kayak! Brooks Beatty, my Read More

Attracting an Triggering Qualities

Kayak Best Bassin’ Baits Big bass are wary and will snub anything that looks or sounds phony. The mere fact that they can be inquisitive doesn’t mean they will inhale just anything that swims by. Two main qualities of any artificial lure are attracting qualities and triggering qualities. The attracting Read More

“Big Rig Pro”- my 50th Birthday Present from Staff… Check it out!

Big Rig Pro?   Here is the check list of awesomeness in my new Big Rig! 1. New Camo Color- "G.I. Jackson" 2. Power Pole Micro lite anchor 3. Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder/depth finder/structure finder 4. Yak Attack accessories- including a custom rod holder! 5. Ram mounts- and GoPro mounts... 6. GoPro Hero 3+ and handle bar Read More

How To Film Fishing with GoPro Hero 3+ Camera

Here are a few tips for getting some great video and photos  of fishing out of your Jackson Kayak Fishing Boats using GoPro Cameras.    I have done a ton of filming over the past few years using a variety of methods.   I prefer to keep the filming as low Read More

Big Rig Talkin’

Jackson Kayak Pro Staffer Chris Funk drops a little knowledge on us about the Big Rig. Check out the video to get his take on this fish jerkin' machine. Warning:  Video contains Strong Southern Dialect and Sayings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tadNzheJQgI

Kayak Fishing Tournaments; how big will this get?

10lb kayak fishing tournament bass caught by Drew Gregory[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="344" caption="A nice 10lber I caught during my win at the Southern Kayak Anglers event last year"][/caption] As I am about to head out to pre-fish for the Kayaks n Greenbacks tournament this weekend I had some interesting thoughts about where this sport will be in 10-15 years. I Read More

Why Stand Up Fishing?

Some folks may wonder why it is desirable to some anglers to stand while fishing. One of the draws for me in selecting a Jackson Big Rig was the ability to sit in two different positions but what really sealed the deal for me was the option to safely stand with Read More

Jackson Kayak Big Rig – Lowrance Elite-5 HDI – Scupper Transducer Mount & Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Fish Finder/Chartplotter Install

Creating a semi-permanent install for multiple kayaks is a challenge. Since most of us fish on a budget two separate fish finder units is not feasible. For about 1/4 the price of a new Lowrance Elite 5 HDI unit you may purchase a new Transducer, Power cable, and Read More

South for the Winter: Video

I am sick of this weather here in NC, so I loaded up and headed to warmer weather, water, and fish! Check out this  video I put together of my short southern adventure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhM1DE-hlaI

Big Smallmouth From The Big Rig

Everyone knows that it has been a brutal winter and most of us have been dealing with some serious cases of cabin fever in anticipation of warmer spring air. I couldn't get the Big Rig on the water quick enough when temps hit the low 60's in late February. Many lakes Read More

Big Rig Stability / Fishability

Celebrated Saturday February 22nd as my birthday and the maiden paddle of my new Big Rig. While the weather and water conditions were less than perfect the performance of the Jackson Big Rig was. Greeted with muddy, 46 degree water, current and occasional wind gusts, I was optimistic about promise the Read More

Big Rig and Big Tuna Comparison Video

This is a link to my first youtube video comparing the "swiss army knife" of kayaks , the Big Tuna with the Big Rig. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVJ7uuJNFUk

Big Rig Review

Life is not easy for the portly kayaker, and exceedingly so for those who, like myself, fit in the ‘big AND tall’ category at 6’4”, and tipping the scales close to the 400# mark! Even with the exponential growth in popularity of the sport, the kayaking industry has continued to disappoint Read More

Kayak fishing the Lost Coast of Panama

12626243373_cc0f5c8559_c  An opportunity to join Jim Sammons and James McBeath on a trip to Panama to film an episode of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons came up and it was a no-brainer to hop on board. Our outfitter/guide was Hennie Marais with Paddle Panama who had his brother Peter along to Read More

Big Rig Kicks Butt in Panama Coastal Angling

When the Jim Sammons TV gang heard that I'd ordered a Big Rig for my appearance on their show being taped in Panama, their reaction was a distinct silence... "What?  You don't want a Cuda?"  Panama's Pacific coast is as challenging as you can get with a combination of open seas Read More

2014 Saint Johns River Florida Shad Run…..Big Rig Style

Decided to take up a friend's offer to target the annual migration of American Shad which enter the Saint Johns River on Florida's East Coast each Winter in preparation for spawning. This was the third time on the water for my New Jackson Kayak Big Rig and I must say, each Read More

Jackson Kayak Big Rig First Paddle

The Big Rig has been the most anticipated kayak of 2014 for myself as well as many others, but as with all new to the market kayaks there are allot of questions that can’t be answered until it is on the water. One of these questions was the overall size of Read More

2014 River Bassin Tournament Trail presented by Jackson Kayak

So, Jackson Kayak heads back to its roots - rivers - to sponsor the River Bassin Tournament Trail that was announced today. Below is the official release I put out a few minutes ago. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2014 River Bassin’ Tournament Trail  Presented by Jackson Kayak National paddle-powered fishing trail offers over 35 events, Read More

Big Rig Walkthrough Video

It's here folks! The Big Rig full length walkthrough video is live and you can watch it below. You'll learn all about the important performance and design features of the Big Rig, most notably the hull design, deck layout with leaning bar, hi/lo seating, rod troughs, lockable hatches, YakAttack gear tracs, RAM Read More

How to use the Buckeye Jig- Crawfish imitation…

[caption id="attachment_40517" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Another Buckeye Jig Catch"][/caption] Crawfish are a mainstay meal for river fish in particular and knowing how to fish a crawfish lure is one great way to catch bass and even musky in the Southeast USA.   The rivers of TN are filled with Crawfish and anyone wanting Read More

Jackson Kayak Ships the Big Rig Fishing Kayak

December 12, 2013– Sparta, TN The long awaited Big Rig began production this week at Jackson Kayak’s factory in Sparta Tennessee.  Their latest innovation, the Big Rig hits stores as Jackson’s most stable kayak yet, laden with all the core JK innovations and some new features developed to make this kayak the Read More

Big Rigs and Big Wigs

Not many fishing trips would make me beg for vacation and miss my brides’ birthday at the same time. When I found out that I had the opportunity to fish with the big wigs from Jackson kayak, Eric Jackson and Indiana James, I started begging. Some more guys from the Jackson Read More

When Bigger is better: Big Rig’n for Bass…

All of the Jackson Kayak options are amazing choices for fishing, each with their sweet spot, but each with lots of versatility as well.    Coosa is awesome on rivers and small bodies of water, but  does well on open water also, it just isn’t as fast as the Cudas.    Read More

Customize Your Tank Well Bungee!

Well i purchased a piece of green shock chord/bungee last year but finally got around to getting it on the Cuda 14 this weekend. [caption id="attachment_38887" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Yellow Bungee Customization"][/caption] Although the green  I ordered came in yellow I didn't mind at all.  Actually it looks really cool!  The stock cord was falling Read More

VIDEO: Kayak Fishing 101, EPISODE 2 “Choosing the Right Kayak”

The latest installment of Kayak Fishing 101 is here! Choosing the right fishing kayak is always a challenge given the plethora of choices out there. How do you narrow it down? Well, in this episode I explain just how to quickly and easily narrow your choices down by looking at all Read More

Mounting a VIO POV camera on my Jackson Kayak

V.I.O. POV Camera getting all the action People often ask me about how we get the point of view shots on our show, what kind of camera we use, and how we mount it on our Jackson Kayaks. For the past couple years we have been using the V.I.O POV camera because Read More

Power Pole “Micro Anchor” Product Testing!

          We've been fortunate at Jackson Kayak to team up with one of the most innovative companies in the fishing world - JL Marine Systems, makers of the Power Pole and now "Micro Anchor" product that is perfect for kayaks, jon boats, canoes and more.  I was sent a prototype unit to Read More

Kayak Fishing 101: EPISODE 1, “Why?”

This is episode one in an installment of Kayak Fishing 101 that Jameson Redding and I have been working on. In this episode we discuss "Why kayak fish?" along with several of our Jackson Kayak team members. Stay tuned for the next episodes where we get into more details about kayak fishing, Read More

Check out the Big Rig at ICAST 2013

During Icast 2013 we got a rundown of the new Jackson Kayak Big Rig fishing kayak from Damon Bungard. This is a feature rich kayak that is sure to be a hit. http://youtu.be/JB0y4rR3uTw

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