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Ibis Archives

Ibis on Caney Fork

I have been Kayaking for 20 yrs. and decided its time for a new boat, especially since the whole family has fallen in love with paddling. Bought an Ibis for its smooth speedy characteristics, not to mention its great lines. Paddled many boats, but chose the Jackson for its Read More

Jackson Kayak Ibis Adventures: Video

Here is a video of our adventures in the Jackson Kayak IBIS, this is a great kayak for everything from fishing to just paddling, please enjoy! http://youtu.be/GK9yel5dtL4

Exploring Mono Lake by Kayak

Did you ever want to paddle an inland sea that’s water is 10x saltier than the ocean? A place where brine shrimp thrive, and birds come by the millions to feast on an all you can eat shrimp buffet.  Given the chance, would you paddle on the moon (if it had Read More

Flat Water Creeking

Creeking usually involves descending very steep low-volume whitewater. But there is an alternative flat-water version that will appeal if you are not hooked on adrenalin and not looking to hurl yourself down some steep ravine. Many watersheds have quiet backwaters that are worthy of exploring and can provide an entirely different kind Read More

A Journey to Swim the Suck

As one of the floating/roving safety kayakers for the 4th Annual Swim the Suck, I actually (finally!) slowed down enough to truly enjoy my surroundings.  Sure, I’ve shared pictures and thoughts in previous posts about the beauty of the Tennessee River Gorge, how I love it, and how I spend a Read More

GoPro Studio Edit – Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado

Finally got the GoPro Studio app loaded up on my Macbook Air and it rocks!  Super easy to edit with, comes with templates from their pro editing staff, complete with royalty free tunes, special effects and much more.  Took me all of 10 minutes to put this video together.  Simply opened Read More

The Journey and the Ibis (and the rest of the rec fleet) get a taste of Nashville!

WHEW!!  It’s been a busy and fantastic past several weekends on the (FLAT!)water down here in Tennessee.  Two events in particular which I was thrilled to be a part of were the Cumberland River Paddlefest, and the Canoe, Kayak and SUP day on the Stones River with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean. Saturday, Read More

Ibis goes to Lake Powell

It’s dawn on the shore of Lake Powell, AZ, I have the 12 foot+ Jackson Ibis on my shoulder walking down the steep hillside to the water line. I think to myself this boat is way longer than I am used to but it is lighter on my shoulder than I Read More

Antelope Canyon by Paddle

It’s November in Colorado and one of the driest years in recent history. As a paddling family we are not quite ready to hang up the paddles for what we hope will be a very snowy winter. It’s our daughter Abby’s Thanksgiving break and we have a long history of Read More


With a new JK SUPerCHARGER on hand and a beautiful late summer Sunday, what else would we do?  Damon and I grabbed the Ibis and the SUPerCHARGER, a river stand-up paddle board (SUP) new for 2013.  The Winooski river was running extremely low, but we made it without too many stops. Read More

sharing the passion

We got invited to a youth and adult ski day on the river near our home last week. We decided to load up part of our Jackson fleet to take with us. There were several folks that had never been kayaking so it was going to be a fun Read More

Just another day on the water

We've had such a good summer in Vermont for kayaking...plenty of sunny days to choose from.  My friend and I tookout the Ibis and Rogue for another river kayak and picnic.  Of course, we took our pint sized four-legged buddies with us too.  :)  And what Vermont paddle would be complete Read More

Wheeler Branch

This time of year in Texas is a little warm to say the least, so you try and find places that have some clear deep water and do some practice reentries on the kayak to cool off while fishing. This month Jason O’Brian of the Jackson STAR team for a Read More

Ibis adventures on Lake Erie – An Emilie-Rose Tale

There are a lot of firsts this year for me.  First time in my Ibis, first time with my daddy's camera, my first blog post (with help) and definitely the first time going far in my kayak.  One of my dad's favorite sayings is "She gets that from her mom", but Read More

A great day for a river float in the Jackson Kayak Ibis…

With summer officially going on in Vermont, we picked an early June day to float the Winooski River. A picnic lunch was packed in the cooler on the back of my Ibis where the dry bag normally goes (I tucked the bag behind my seat instead). Tripper, our 6 Read More

Oh Happy Day! Big Tuna, Ibis and Rogue have arrived for a summer of family kayak adventure!

The McBeath household has been abuzz with action this past month. We're building a home on the water, family moving, leaving, JK busy, wife's job over the top crazy, it just never stops. Then... the boats arrived! A brand spanking new fleet including a spiffy yellow jacket Big Read More

Drift Anchor to Pace Setter- A Day in the IBIS

One of my favorite things in the world of water sports is paddling with my family. The days my son and I are not chasing finned critters out of our Cudas and Coosas , we just paddle as a family with my bride. For the past several years, she Read More

Northwest Paddling Festival Saturday 5/12

Is it always sunny in the North West? No, but this past week has offered us some amazing weather.... beautiful sunny days perfect for enjoying the amazing outdoors the Northwest has to offer. Today at lake Sammamish, we finished the set-up of the Jackson Kayak booth for the Northwest Paddling Festival and had some Read More

Fun J.A.W. Demo at Bay’s Mountain Lake

Yesterday evening the J.A.W. teamed up with Tommy Clapp to have a great paddling event up on the Bay's Mountain Lake in Kingsport, TN!  Tommy brought his demo fleet of Jackson Kayak Recreational, Touring & Fishing boats for folks to check out and paddle.  I brought the J.A.W. for folks to Read More

First ones on Hyatt Lake in Ashland Oregon!

With the weather being so amazingly warm in Ashland Oregon (88 degrees F), we decided to have some fun on Hyatt Lake! We took the Saulsbury's out and had to act like ice breakers in some areas, but of course the Cuda, Big Tuna, Rogue & Ibis were up for the task Read More

Jackson Kayak goes caving!

This photo was taken in Snail Shell Cave in Tennessee. We rigged a rope system to get the kayaks in and out of the cave sink. Floating the deep water in the cave allowed us to explore further without our wetsuits and made for a near experience. Full resolution image without Read More

I made it!

Able to go anywhere.

JKTV – Episode 1 – January 2012

Jackson Kayak TV Episode 1 features the Costa de Oro trip with exciting footage from our Team JK, Indiana James and the Oranga, a GoPro review, lessons on the Back Loop and a profile of Damon Bungard! (more...)

Final Day in Veracruz… work day…. but still got to paddle!

Today we went to the “Academy of Mexico for Sea Kayaking”  “Academia Mexicana de Kayak de Mar”   where we met up with an old acquaintance that was on the Mexico slalom team and I last saw at the 1995 World Cup on the Ocoee River.      He runs a sea kayak school Read More

Shaman, Facials, Kayaking Hitchhiker, and other Surprises on Lake Catemaco in Veracruz…

We would be taking out the Ibis, Kristine and I, and following the left bank of this massive lake in search of the Shaman.    Rafa paddled the Day Tripper 10, and Nick had a Journey 14.       We cruised around the lake and after about an hour or so stopped to ask Read More

Lago Catemaco (Lake Catemaco, Veracruz) Monkeys, paddling, fun…

We went to bed at around 10pm.   We woke looking for the sunrise, but the rains have moved in .    The waves were huge, again,  making the ocean look angry.   We headed down the hill for breakfast, which was fresh eggs,  tortillas, ham, beans, rice, and coffee.       We decided that today Read More

Mexico 2011 – Our Journey Begins

It's been 20 plus years since travels have taken me to the lands of Mexico; back then a few weeks hanging in the then undeveloped towns of the Yucatan Peninsula. Long has there been a calling for me to return and with Team JK, the opportunity has arrived in the Read More

Exploring Ebenezer Creek in the JK Ibis

  Ebenezer Creek, outside of Savannah, GA, is a Georgia Wild & Scenic River and National Natural Landmark, flowing through miles of ancient dwarfed bald cypress on its way to the confluence with the Savannah River. Some of the trees are estimated to be over a thousand years old, with bases over Read More

Ibis and Journey get a taste of the Kayak for Conservation Paddle with Samantha Christen!

Kayak for Conservation   For those who are not familiar, the Kayak for Conservation is a (recently revived annual) fundraising event focusing on the efforts and vision of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (TRGT), and sponsored by several organizations, both locally and internationally recognized.   As only physically paddling any body of water can, Read More

Some Kanumesse Fun!

The Kanumesse show was awesome, it is the biggest paddles sports show in the world. Similar to the Summer OR show in Utah, though in Nurnberg Germany, it is more for the European market, as well as only being the paddle sports industry. It is super fun, all the different brands get Read More

Jackson Kayak at Jersey Paddler Paddlesport 2011

Jersey Paddler is having their annual PADDLEFEST show in Somerset NJ. Paddlefest will be offering all of your paddle-sport needs all in one place in New Jersey. Jackson Kayak will have all recreational kayaks on display, along with the one and only Coosa fishing kayak and our all new Rogue for an Read More

EJ’s 2010 Summary- Looking into 2011

When looking back at 2010, my first thought is "Wow".   It was chock full of highs, challenges, victories, failures; a roller coaster ride from start to finish.    I have to start any summary off by saying that everything I do has alot of meaning to me, because I do it with Read More

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