JR Fish Squad Bios

SamwPikeSam “Yosimmity Sambo” McBeath
Location: Canada

Yosimmity has been fishing since the tender age of 3 when he pulled in a 4 lb largemouth on a Scooby Doo fishing rod. Since then he has been fishing with his father, Indiana James, for just under a decade in at least 3 corners of North America pulling in over 30 species. Sambo is an avid whitewater kayaker as well allowing him to get to stretches of rivers that have never seen lures before. He has a personal best 7 lb large mouth, 5 lb small mouth and 15 lb northern pike.

Abby Holcombe
Abby2Location: All over the country!

I started kayaking at age 4 in my Jackson Kayak Fun 1. I love all aspects of kayaking from whitewater river running, surfing the big waves and holes, touring and kayak fishing. I live in a Winnebago RV and travel all over North America with my parents paddling in some really awesome places. My favorite fishing spot is on the Ottawa River in Canada. I love catching Small Mouth Bass and Northern Pike from my JK Skipper. (I catch all the big ones!) :)Also, I really like saltwater fishing at Dry Tortugas National Park, 70 miles west of Key West, FL. I like to catch the Horse-Eyed Jack because they put up a pretty good fight and are big fish! You can follow my adventures on instagram at @adventurous.miss or my family’s blog at famagogo.com!

Carter3Carter Petersen
Location: Wisconsin

My mom thinks I am part fish. Even as a baby, I always wanted to be in the water. I learned to paddle, fish and swim very young as we live near Lake Wisconsin and have a cabin on the Peshtigo River in Marinette County Wisconsin. The minute anyone says, “What do you want to do?” I tell them I want to go fishing. That’s what I always say. I have the best tackle box in the world. I love sorting and organizing my lures in the off season…(because I live in Wisconsin, the off season is long) and on the days when I’m out fishing, even if I don’t get a nibble, it’s a great day.

I asked Santa for a fishing kayak for the past two year, and he fell through, up until I met the people at Jackson Kayak. They are people who know what I know…that the best days are the days on the water with my fishing pole and my boat.

I have two older sisters and an older brother. We spend our summers playing on the lakes around Wisconsin. My dad loves to paddle as well, and my mom loves to read books while sitting on the beach watching us.

Enzo Perez
Location: Wimberley, Texasenzo

My name is Enzo Perez. I am 9 yrs old. I am a homeschooler who loves to be outside and enjoys exploring new places. I come from an active family that has always spent time outdoors.


My favorite things to do outside are to go camping, fishing, hiking, biking, climbing, and of course kayaking. I also like to hike and watch birds. I like to read, I check out tons of books at the library and I especially like to read about space. I love to make machines and I enjoy competition. I like it when its summer because I love to go swimming and I even made up a new holiday called “get drenched day”. I also like to garden and I have grown several plants and vegetables from seeds. I have even grown a tree.


I have participated in Cub Scouts and other community activities such as Brown Santa and Meals On Wheels. I am involved in children’s church and we make crafts to learn about Jesus. When I grow up I would like to be a scientist at NASA or a race car driver.

20160817_092701Ryder Hutchinson
Location: Carbondale, CO


Ryder Hutchinson was born in 2008, and in that short time he has always enjoyed the outdoors. He enjoys many sports like
riding bikes, baseball, football, lacrosse, skate boarding, and riding his scooter. However, one of his true passions is getting out with his dogs and going fishing and hunting.  Ryder started learning how to cast both a spinning rod and fly rod when he was 2 1/2 years old.  When he was 4 he cast to, caught and landed his first trout on his own.
Currently at the ripe old age of 8, Ryder has won many awards in his age catagory for his accomplishments in Punt Pass and Kick (football), The Rockies Skills Challenge (baseball), won 2nd place in the Wasatch Fly Fishing Expo Jr. Fly Casting Tournament and most recently was the youngest ever to compete in the GoPro Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Xtreme Fly Fishing Compeition in Vail, CO.  He is competitive, but he really enjoys just being outside and doing things with his friends and both his Mom (Paige) and Dad (Hutch).  He LOVES being around water, so rafting, paddling his SUP and fishing are among his favorite things to do.



Christian Andrus

Location: Nashville, TN

Christian enjoys hockey, robotics, and most of all kayak fishing in rivers for smallmouth bass with his dad, Vincent Andrus. Christian’s favorite lures to use are the River to Sea Whopper Plopper 90 series, 412 Bait Co. Yoda’s, and Missile Bait D-Bombs on his custom 6′ Osprey Spinning rod.

As an avid outdoors enthusiast, he has quickly acquired the passion of kayak fishing and teaching others his age the same as he has been taught. Respect the water, and the fish.


image4-2Jordyn Powell
Location: Destin, FL & Charlotte, NC

Sharing her time between Destin, Florida and the mountains of North Carolina, Jordyn loves the outdoors. At 12 years old, Jordyn’s favorite pastimes are volleyball and fly fishing. Jordyn comes from a fly fishing family, and caught her first trout on the fly rod at three. She loves to trout fish, but by far her favorite fly fishing is for bass. Being 12 years old, she’s fished a multitude of species for her age; from Redfish of NW Florida, to the native brook trout of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Jordyn is a young lady to keep our eyes on! Jordyn is very excited to be asked to join the Jackson Kayak Youth Pro-staff, and is looking forward to doing her part to bringing more young people to the sports of fly fishing, and Kayak Fishing.

Melea Swab
Location: St. Augustine, FLIMG_20160514_133356

My name is Melea Victoria Swab. I will be eleven years old this August and entering the sixth grade. I have many hobbies and interests including kayak fishing. Arts and crafts are some of my favorite things to do. Whether drawing anime charters, making a challenging craft project or baking something new and delicious, I always have a good time. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and my miniture dachshund, “Peach”. I like getting out in nature and LOVE animals, which is why I enjoy kayak fishing so much. Each time we go out, we don’t only see fish but we also see birds, alligators, and sometimes we see manatees! Growing up in St. Augustine, the nation’s “oldest city,” has given me a chance to spend a lot of time on the water. It helps that my Dad, Bart, has taught me so much about paddling, casting and how it is so important it is to understand the environment and to respect our planet.
We have been fishing together since I was a baby. At four years old, I caught my first fish, a redfish, out of our canoe. That day stands out in my mind. On our last trip, I caught my personal best spotted sea trout, with a length of 25 inches.

Each year, our family competes in the Jackson Kayak Classic. In 2014, I won 1st place in the junior angler division. I had got a slam, which is a redfish, trout, and flounder. I was the first to get a slam in the kids division in their eleven year history. My face was on the front page of the newspaper that Thursday. It’s a complete honor to be even considered for the Jackson Kayak Youth Fishing Team.

Braydan Dunkley
Location: Poca, WV


My name is Braydan Dunkley. I am 6 years old. I started fishing with my dad when I was three years old, but I was hooked when I pulled in a 4lb largemouth from a pond in Greenbrier County, WV. I have always loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing with my dad.

When I was 5 my dad bought the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna so that he could get me off the bank and into the water. Our first trip in the Big Tuna was on the Coal River in Tornado WV where I pulled in 4 smallmouth on my favorite 3 inch bubblegum Senko. The Coal River is still my favorite river to fish.

This year I started paddling the Skipper and loved it. In the Skipper I feel safe. The seat is comfortable and I am able to paddle on my own. My first trip on the skipper was with my dad and uncles. They helped me get launched and I was paddling circles around them almost the second they all hit the water. The Skipper was so easy to paddle they couldn’t keep up with me. After a few minutes of paddling in the backwater I paddled out onto the Kanawha River which was a little scary. Boats were going up and down the river which made some big waves. I paddled through the waves without having any issues.

The Skipper is just a great boat for me it allows me to get into places nobody else goes to fish. My favorite part of having a skipper is getting to go fishing with my dad.

Cameron Garcia
Location: Weber, UTIMG_8632

Hi! My name is Cameron Garcia and I am twelve years old.  I am lucky because I live near the Wasatch Front Mountains in Utah where I get to fish, hike, snowboard, kayak and more.  I love the outdoors!!!  I have been fly fishing since I was about three with my dad and twin, older brothers.  Some say we are die hard fly fishermen.

Me and my brothers started an organization a few years ago to try to get kids and teens to spend more time in the outdoors.  It is called Twin Territory and I like to joke that I am the C.E.O.  We try to hold free outdoor events several times a year for kids to come and try a new outdoor hobby.  When they come, we ask them to bring their used video games to donate to our local Children’s Hospital and then they get a chance to win some great outdoor gear prizes.  Twin Territory is a lot of fun and we are getting ready to start our second branch soon.

In Utah there are a lot of places to fly fish and so I have been able to work and play hard on rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.  I have been in quite a few fly fishing challenges competing against adults and have been lucky enough to win several of them.  This year I was invited to compete in the Go Pro Mountain Games Fly Fishing Challenge in Vail, Colorado and took 6th place out of eighty competitors.  I was able to fish with men that are on our U.S. Fly Fishing Team!  It was an experience I will remember all of my life.

I am so excited to be a part of the Jackson Kayak Junior Fish Squad.  I am going to work hard at becoming a better fisherman with it and can already tell it is going to not only help me a lot but be a total blast! I have the Skipper and it rocks!  I cannot wait to share my Jackson Kayak experiences with everyone!