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  1. Fun Floats in the stern for floatation
  2. Happy Seat/Thruster Combo for vertical propulsion and better control/comfort
  3. EJ’s Playboating Basics and Advanced Playboating to learn the moves.
  4. Sweet Cheeks 200 if you are short and want to pull the deck down to your body and improve leverage.

13 Responses to Accessories

  1. Debbie says:

    What cart/wheels are best for moving the cuda?

  2. Debbie says:

    What carts work best for the cuda? It is a bear to move.

  3. Craig says:

    Are there pontoons I can get for the big rig. I’m a big guy and would prefer the added stability.

  4. stewart says:

    I just recently bout a jackson star and it did not come with a seat. Could you possibly sell me just the seat assembly?


    • Stewart,
      Just give customer service a call and ask. I’m sure that they could work something out. Or you may be able to track down a broken boat somewhere else that has one.

  5. Brian Burns says:

    Do you guys make accessories for the Jackson big rig, I got one in jan and would like to order cup holders, cell phone holder, ect.

    BRian BUrns

  6. evan howard says:

    paddle bags???

    • Evan,
      We don’t make paddle bags yet, but there are some very good options available from NRS and Salamander. I’ve used the NRS paddle bag for years and it’s bomber. I can usually squeeze 4 paddles and almost all my kayaking gear (sans PFD and Helmet) into it for flights!
      Stephen Wright

  7. evan howard says:

    i would like to get a boat bag for a rockstar large…do you make one yet? or have one that would fit it? also a villian??? maybe

    • Evan,
      I think we’ll be importing and JK logoing some boat bags that’ll fit a rockstar Large from Galasport very soon. We probably don’t have anything that’ll fit a Villain. You might need to go to a seamstress to get something custom made…good luck!

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