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  • Length: 12′ 4″
  • Width: 31″
  • Height: 12.5″
  • Weight: 69 lbs w/seat (64 w/o seat)
  • Hi/Lo Seating
  • Rear Hatch Dimensions: 9 3/8″
  • Bow Deck Rigging
  • Hard Accessory Deck Included – Fits Bow or Stern Cockpit Area
  • Capacity: 375 lbs

MSRP:  $1349

37 Responses to Specs/ Pricing

  1. Robert Putrich says:

    Looks interesing. Will you eventually make a tandem version of this?

  2. Danny Hickman says:

    I have been looking for an all around kayak to fish out of that would be comfortable, yet stable and verstile. The Kilroy seems as if it will fit the bill for all of the above. I hope that the release will be in time for my wife to get me one for Christmas.

    • Emily Jackson says:

      We are doing everything we can to get these babies out before the holidays!! What a nice wifey!
      Emily Jackson

  3. Will Y says:

    Really liking the Kilroy. Looking forward to seeing more pics and info about it. Ive got a friend that has the Coosa and he loves it. Ive tried it and its a Cadillac for sure, seems very stable and comfortable on a small river even with the seat up high. Funny thing is I just told him because of my wants and needs that I was looking for something more in between his Coosa and a reg canoe then I look on here and see the Kilroy. Its like you guys may have read my mind. Excellent kayaks and innovation guys, keep it up.

  4. Stew Rat says:

    The dash is included ? I’m hoping so.

    Though I love my Cuda 14 I’m really a SIK guy at heart. I’m planning to move to the Kilroy ASAP.

  5. Greg Westhoff says:

    What dealer has a ” kilroy” kayak in stock in the Northeast? Is there a Kayak show event any where in the northeast where I can see all your kayaks?
    Greg Westhoff

  6. Greg Westhoff says:

    You guys hit another home run with the Kilroy. I’ve been researching for months trying to find the right kayak for me.After seeing your show video, I was sold!

  7. Greg Westhoff says:

    I just ordered the new Kilroy. I’m 240lbs. What is the weight cap. on the Kilroy. Am I too fat for the Kilroy?

  8. Dan Ferguson says:

    A couple questions: Will the Kilroy be at Canoecopia this week and will it be for sale? I also saw some pics with a rear dry storage; will that be in the final product?

    • Emily Jackson says:

      They will be taking pre-orders and there will be a demo to view while you are there!
      Emily Jackson

  9. John says:

    I am very interested in this model.I live in Ontario Canada will this be available in our local resellers in April 2013 or do we have to pre-order? and what colors and patterns are available.
    I notice the kilroy is lighter than the cuda 12, does the weight include the seat?

  10. brain says:

    Have the Coosa (lv it). Also, just baught the Big Tuna Recently and love it too. Especially love how the tuna tracts. Big boat for a big guy 235lbs. It stays staight even agains heavy summer gusts on a cool river. But to the subject at hand, the Kilroy. Looks really nice. You guys really must liston to your customers. Im sort of waiting to see how it handles big guys like me. Im sure you guys are already working on it. ESP or something?

    It may handle larger guys well. With the Coosa I really don’t stand and really dont need to with that seat.. I do however stand with confidents on the Big Tuna. Can you stand in the Kilroy at my size?

    • Isaac "The Nothing" Miller says:

      The Kilroy was designed from the Cuda 12 hull. The Cuda 12 is great for standing and sight casting. With the lower center of gravity of the Kilroy, this should be even easier.

  11. Tyrus Jerve says:

    Just Reserved mine in forest camo from the local kayaking store. They told me it should be here in a couple weeks on there next shipment.

  12. mark says:

    What are the optional decks?

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      The open front open cockpit design was specifically intended to accept a series of ‘Tech Deck’ accessory options, from a fabric mesh sunscreen or fly line skirt, to a rigid platforms offering fishing features. The cockpit is symetrical, so each deck can fit in front of or behind the seat. Also, we are still working on a few different deck options, but there will definitely be the hard and soft decks.

  13. ken says:

    Will there be a 14′ version of the kilroy? I have a 12′ pack angler and would like a salt water yak.

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      Hey Ken,

      Since we just came out with the Kilroy, we will see how it does and if there is a demand for the 14′. I would recommend taking a look at the Cuda 14 for a salt water yak. Thanks for the input!

  14. Bob Davis says:

    Do you have a brochure you can send me on the Kilroy? Looks like a great product

    • Emily Jackson says:

      We don’t have a set brochure for each kayak but we do have one brochure with all of our kayaks in it
      Please call customer service and they will mail you one out- 931 738- 2800

  15. graeme bergin says:

    Very keen, is it good for bay fishing, im in Melbourne Austrailia ?.

  16. graeme bergin says:

    Just want to say well done on this product, looks gr8 good work. At a resonable price too ,not like others!!.

  17. Rick says:

    What about a rudder for the Kilroy Can I buy a rudder ?

  18. Matt Templeton says:

    Would you create an owner/user video on how and where to install a bilge pump. I was thinking in the stern behind the seat mounted to the foam, dont know if this is ideal location or not. Run hose out and over cockpit lip with out drilling any holes
    Really like some insight, or tips on the best way to go about it.
    Specifically types of fasteners and or adhesives that would work the best.

    Thanks, great boat

    Happy Customer

    • Matt,

      Glad to hear that you are happy with your boat! Most of us just use a sponge or a hand pump. However, I think it would work. I agree that mounting it close to the bulkhead behind the seat would be ideal. I also think just attaching a tube that could hang over when needed would work. As far as mounting it goes, I would use some Marine Goop. It is what a lot of kayak fisherman use to glue in their transducer. Hope this helps!


  19. Corey says:

    How well or do you have a speculation on how well this boat handles whitewater? Here in Arkansas we have 2-3 whitewater w/ long pools in between. Already have two Jacksons, Need a third to complete the set.

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      Hey Corey,

      I haven’t had the chance to take it down much whitewater yet, however I do know it is super stable. Check out this video. The Kilroy paddles well, plenty quick enough and maneuverable. It won’t handle the whitewater as good as the Coosa, but I think if you are used to the whitewater then the Kilroy will be fine.

  20. dr bob says:

    I have a Kilroy and think that it is great! It is quote stable and handles rough water well It is also not too difficult to paddle for a this type of kayak.

    Could you please suggest a source for a cockpit cover, or provide the dimensions so I can find one myself.

    Thanks for your help.

  21. HJG says:

    I’ve been doing my homework and on the internet polls (Pretty much everywhere I looked including you tube) you guys are the winners. From craftmanship to the mold to shipping every single hand that has something to do with this kayaks is special. I would be a first time buyer and I am going for the Kilroy hopefully withing the next 6 months. Do the kilroy comes with the Go Hero partnership? When it comes to customization what exactly can you do? And last but not least, in a you tube video where someone was talking about the Kilroy his only low point about it was the finish on the inside. Can you tell me what is the company doing about it? Is it going to come with replaceable skid plate and rudder?Thanks so much. Currently living 26 miles south of Canada in a place called Watertown, NY.

    • Thanks for the compliments! We strive to make great kayaks. The Kilroy does come GoPro ready with the GoPro mount on the hard hatch cover. The great thing about kayaking is that you can really customize just about any boat however you can imagine. The sky is the limit. The Gear Tracks make it easy to add rod holders, fish finder mounts, camera mounts, really all kinds of accessories, without having to drill any holes. If you are wanting a custom color that can be done and your local dealer should be able to help you with the order. As far as the finish on the inside goes, I am not aware of any issues but I am sure if there is a problem we have addressed it or we will. There is no rudder option for the Kilroy and it will have a replaceable skid plate. Hope this helps!


  22. capt gary howe says:

    can I buy a rudder or rudder kit for a Kilroy? I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I WOULD BUY THE KAYAK??

  23. Nathan Harris says:

    I was wondering if you guys have anything new planned for the 2014 kilroy. Going to order my kilroy in the beginning of September but was curious of anything new happening with the kilroy for 14. Thanks

  24. Poppa wheelie says:

    I’m looking into buying a kayak and have been leaning towards a Hobie Angler until I saw the Kilroy. I’m new to kayaking and have done a ton of research on different ones. I was a stuntrider and Injuries have made me look for a new hobby that doesn’t hurt. I was wondering if before I purchase the Kilroy if a larger version will be coming out? I mostly fish rivers and inland lakes but would like to fish out in Lake Erie and the bays. I will be traveling to try some ocean kayak fishing and just want an all around kayak that would be good for everything.

    • Jeff Herman says:

      Hi Poppa Wheelie,

      The Killroy is a great platform, but since you have so many kinds of water you want to play in (including some ocean paddling). I would suggest one of the SOT’s like the Cuda 14 or the Big Tuna.

      Ocean kayak fishing is always considered rough water fishing and the big open cockpit of the Kilroy is not ideal for sea kayaking. The beauty of the Sit On Top design is the versatility and adaptability to may different types of water.

      Good luck!

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