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Standard Solid and Multi Colors:


Special Yak Attack Edition


CUSTOM DESIGNS: Minimum $200. Please contact your local dealer for pricing.
CUSTOM COLORS: Any custom, solid or multicolor, adds to the price of the boat.

78 Responses to Colors

  1. jason says:

    i went and looked at a coosa today. what i noticed is the strap that holds the seat down passes through another strap screwed to the kayak. that screw has a washer around it. is’nt that washer going to wear through the strap from presure from leaning back in the seat and from movement of the seat? why not sum type of metal loop for the strap to pass through?

    • Eric Jackson says:

      hi Jason, good eye and we considered that. however when you lean back the front doesn’t come up unless you get on the “back” of the seat. the seat well it sits in works awesome. The main stresses come when you lift the boat by the seat. We haven’t had an issue to date, and don’t expect and issue, but let’s keep an eye on it for the future.

      Sweet seat, don’t you think!

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Jason, the strap there is reinforced so it should withstand. However, that is one of those things we won’t know the answer to until 6 months or a year from now if we hear of anyone’s washed pulling through. If it does happen we will surely make the appropriate change in the build.

  2. jim says:

    Looking for another craft to go with my Ocean XL. Your seat appears to be higher set than I’m use to. Will your Coosa be “tippy” for me?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Jim, 95% of the Coosa owners use the higher seating position, but there is a lower position as well if you don’t feel comfortable up high. I think you’ll be fine in it, even if you have to work your way up there. I would also say about 90% of Coosa owners stand in the kayak with no problem, so the stability for a boat in that size range is certainly unmatched. Test one out in your area and see what you think!

  3. Justin says:

    Is there currently a wait on orders for the coosa kayak?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Justin, it all depends on which dealer you call. Most do not have Coosas in stock because they are selling pretty quick when they come in or are even selling before they get there. I would call around to various dealers in your area using our dealer locator and see if anyone in your area has any. If not, you may want to let your closest dealer know of your interested so they can plan accordingly with their next order. Some dealers do ship as well so that is an option if you can find one in stock.

      • James says:

        I am curious about the colors. I am interested in the Slate and the Multi colors but am not sure what the colors look like once it it produced. I wanted to pick the color that I liked most after seeing them but the dealer that I am working with doesnt have any in stock (like most dealers). Can I get pictures of what the colors look like in real life (not on a color sample)?

        • Emily Jackson says:

          Hey James!
          Your not alone in wanting to see colors! I will send you a couple photos I have, i only have a few just so you can see…. but we are working on a new color viewer soon!

          Emily Jackson

          • Devin C says:

            Is there anyway I could also get a few pictures of some of the actual kayaks for color ideas? Specifically interested in Urban Camo, Black/Orange, Orange/Yellow, and Orange/Black/Yellow if you have any photos.


          • Emily Jackson says:

            Emailed you a few colors!
            Emily Jackson

          • Jason says:

            Emily I would like to have those pictures emailed to me if you don’t mind?!?!

          • Mike Smith says:

            Hello Emily,
            Could you PLEASE email the photos you have of different colors & custom colors. I would really appreciate it.

          • Robert says:


            Will you email me the photos as well? If possible, I would really like to see pictures of the olive-sand-black swirls and yellow jacket patterns in the water.


          • Clay Wright says:

            Keep checking the website as our fishing team posts new photos all the time. Emily is busy training for her whitewater pursuits and Stephen – who shoots the photos – is in Chile right now so watch the page or even Google Images occasionally and I’m sure some photos will show up. It’s a big process to shoot every color of every boat, not to mention shoot them all on the water! We would rather spend the time PADDLING the boats and shooting the ones we happen to be in! As more boats of every color go out the more easily finding a photo will be.


  4. don says:

    i ordered a black and blue (custom color) coosa, and within 15- 18 days it was off the line. I was told that may be a good time becasue it was a pre-paid order.

  5. Jameson says:

    Wanting to order the coosa in custom multi color. Thought about black, sand, and blue or just something diffrent. Any suggestions?

  6. tim gadd says:

    Hey Drew just saw your demo video and was impressed. My target fishing area is carolina coast no more than 2 miles out and the skinny water in the rivers and creeks feeding out. How well with the seat up high can the coosa take breaking waves.

  7. Jim Deno says:

    Have you considered any kind of “bimini” type top for rainy weather? Navigational lights for big water? A dash pedestal for compass,fish finder, etc.

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Jim, cool thing about fishing kayaks is that if you can “think it” then you can build it!!! So, when you get that Coosa build whatever you want on yours! We have a dash area where any RAM or Scotty accessories can go and of course a compass, fish finder etc. Navigation lights can easily be installed to. The recessed ovals on the boat are for Tallon receivers where you can use all RAM and Scotty accessories and then allow your boat to return to “flush” when you arent using those accessories. Try going to TallonSystems.com to get more info. You can also buy the running light adapter and badabingbadaboom there ya go you now have a light!

  8. ScubaSteve says:

    Is it possible to color code certain areas of the yak? I like the slate but I’d really like to have the entire bottom of the Coosa yellow or bright green. I’m planning on some weekend fishing adventures and you never know when the Coosa may need to be used as a land to air distress beacon in these earth toned louisiana marshes! Emily can you please send me some pictures of the custom yaks? Cheers!

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Well, it is possible but not always guaranteed since it is a little harder to put the color exactly where we want it on the Coosa as opposed to the whitewater boats where we use a method that can put it pretty close to where you want it. I might call into customer service on this one and see if they can get a hold of our molding manager to see how “confident” he feels this can be done. I know for a fact if you simply get a mix of yellow in the boat that some will end up on the bottom and make for a great signal if needed. But, if you only want the bright on the bottom and not on the deck side I think that will be tough given that the plastic is rotating in a circle inside a mold swirling all together.

  9. Bill Smith says:

    Well after much research, the two kayaks I am considering buying is the Jackson Kayak Coosa Elite, and the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140. I’m going to try to paddle both before making the purchase, but until then maybe you guys could help. I will be using the kayak for 50% touring up and down the Colorado River, and 50% fishing Matagorda Bays. The Coosa seems to have much more bells and whistles including a elevated seat, but I am worried about it being suitable for long trips (tracking, speed, wind handling, etc) due to the large front end and the seat being elevated causing more drag in the wind. Has the Coosa been paddled long distances? If so what were the results..tracking, speed, wind handling, etc?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Bill, this question is so hard to answer because everyone’s paddling skill and stamina is different. For me, paddling 10-12 miles a day and fishing is no problem in the Coosa but for others they may could only take 6 or 7 miles. The seat can be moved to a lower position so if it is windy it’s a smart move to make. It certainly won’t be as fast as the 140 but it is not designed to be. It is a standing fishing platform and not a touring boat made for long distances. It certainly could be used in that way if you are not in a hurry and are just looking for leisurely touring because it is very comfortable to be in for long periods of time. Hope this helped some and best of luck with your demo of the boat!

  10. JUSTIN C says:

    You cant really compare the two the tarpon is very unstable yet pretty fast the Coosa seems to fit your needs better being able to sight cast reds with the Coosa will be up your alley and its very stable it reminds me of my pro angler just a mini version.

  11. Joseph says:

    How well does a Tri-colored one come out?I am thinking about getting a orange/blue/white one done and was wondering what it may look like.Also it seems to be a great rig,with ALOT of customization.Now if we can get some of those distributors in South Alabama, I’ll have my local shop check into these for sure!

    • Emily Jackson says:

      Each one comes out a little different so no two boats ever look the same, you need to know that the colors to blend to an extent so you would be safer with orange, white blue with white in the middle to keep orange and blue from mixing too much

      Hope that helps
      Emily Jackson

  12. Victor J. says:

    Emily, can you also send me examples of the custom color combos that have been made? Preferably combos that include either orange or slate.


    • Clay Wright says:

      I doubt we take photos of many custom colors we’ve made, although that would be a great idea! I’m especially not sure I’ve seen slate and orange mixed..cool or ‘ick’ .. hard to say.
      When I was looking into picking my own custom colors I walked through the plant many times looking for inspiration on my mixes and I can honestly tell you that MANY times it’s less the exact colors you pick and more about HOW they were mixed. Red black and Green? Cool Christmas one day, frog in a blender the next. Even ‘rasta’ can come out ‘mustard’ if someone unfamiliar with the mix and program runs it. So I would stick to colors that blend well together rather than count on any clear separation. I just ordered yellow / orange / red so worst case scenario I’ll have an orange boat. Anything with Black, blue, or red will block out a lot of the lighter colors so keep them near ‘friendly’ colors or don’t use much of them. White mixes well with most anything and can serve as a barrier between two darker colors – say red and blue – while when you just mix red and blue you get dark purple through the middle.
      Hope this helps! Clay Wright

  13. Jeff Ross says:

    Could you send me photos of all of the stock solid and stock swirl coosa’s. I was hoping that would be on the site here. I am going to be ordering one in a week or two and want to see all the color options in front of me on the boat.


  14. Victor J. says:

    Sorry for the confusion by my comment. I meant for pictures of custom coosas with slate “OR” orange. I did not mean for the colors to be on the same kayak.

  15. Jason says:

    Thinking about buying a Coosa and getting it costumed colored. What do you think orange, blue, and black mix would look like?? Does anyone have any pictures of other colors??

    • Jason says:

      But the more I look at the photos in Drew Gregory’s photos, I thinking a Green, White, Black mix like Drew’s Coosa would look awesome!! Give me your thought Drew or anyone else!!!

  16. max mahler says:

    Do you have pictures of the coosa in the different colors? I’d love to see some different options

    • Clay Wright says:

      I don’t, but check the fishing blogs for Team JK Fishing and you can probably see quite a few of the colors we sell. Happy Surfing!

  17. Nick says:

    Trying to understand the whole color thing,
    I just want an orange boat, is that more than a sand boat??
    How much?
    I understand custom multi color being more.


    • Clay Wright says:

      Each different model and build comes in different ‘standard’ colors – some of which are multi-color – or you can order a specific color OR combo for about 100$ upcharge and some time waiting for it. Ask your dealer for details and check the website for the colors your boat and build of choice comes in standard.

      Good Luck!

  18. David Martinez says:

    I saw some of the photos that Drew provided through his links. I was just wondering, what part of the Devils River were you on? And is there an outfitter/guide you would recommend?

  19. julz says:

    Someone happen to have a picture of an all black coosa? I want to see how “black” before purchasing. (already made my decision on the yak.)

    • Emily Jackson says:

      I have a photo of an all black whitewater boat but no coosa…. i can email our fishing team to ask though! Black is very black! Many people like it, its very shiny!

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Hmmm…I don’t think I have ever seen an all black one but I’ll try to find out if we’ve molded an all black yet. Certainly would look cool, but might be HOT because our blacks are pretty black! Maybe try Black mixed with some other dark color unless you are in a very cool climate? Whatever you end up going with I know you’ll enjoy it and let us know how you like it when you get it!

  20. Troy says:

    Hey I saw one of the coosa’s today at the bass pro in Leeds, AL (not for sale there). I talked to a guy there and I am really interested in getting one of these boats to hunt waterfowl out of. I currently hunt out of a kayak, America 11 (if is 11 feet and not the most stable platform) and a puddler lay out boat about 10 feet (stable to shoot out of but a pain to paddle). The thing I love about the boat is the seat adn the guy I talked to said you can stand in the boat with ease. Have you heard from any of your owners hunting out of the coosa? any plans for a blind attachment?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Yes, several of our owners hunt out of the boat. They are making their own blind right now using the flush mount rod holders and some PVC with holes drilled out of it and running a rope from them down to the front handle creating a shower curtain type blind. Then, they are leaning the seat back and waterfowl don’t have a chance!

      We also have a hunting version of our Day Tripper coming out called the Day Tripper “Orion Series” which has camo patterns for hunting and bungee around the boat to attach blind material as well as some other hunting features. Both are great boats to hunt/fish out of.

  21. Wetfeet says:

    Someone wanted to see Slate color. Here is a slate model elite I picked up as a teaching/demo model kayak form last season that needed some loving care.

  22. Nick says:

    Zeroing in on a Coosa,, I was thinking about an all orange base color with thin black lines/stripes (Tiger)
    Is this possible, or no way with the mold rotating on 2 axis ?

  23. Steve says:

    First of all, love the Coosa, it has changed the way I fish! It would really help the consumer if you showed actual yaks with the color schemes available. Trying to select a color from a color block on the website is next to impossible. Looking to purchase a second Coosa, I understand there is new colors available now for the 2012 model. Is it possible to get pics of the new colors or at least the names of the colors?

    • Emily Jackson says:

      Planning on redoing that next year as far as the photos go for color options, custom colors we will have an album but cant garuntee your boat will look like that….

      If you would like names and or colors please feel free to email our customer service who would be happy to help you out

      tetter@jacksonkayak.com or tlee@jacksonkayak.com


  24. Kelly says:

    Someone wanted to see a coosa setup for waterfowl hunting. Seems simple, inexpensive and compact. Probably wanna just add some grass!


  25. Steve Davis says:

    I am trying to buy a coosa. I have a local dealer that has several in stock, however, not an all orange coosa. It is not that critical, but was looking forward to that color. Do you have a picture of an all orange coosa (not just the color sample square) so I could decide to wait for one to be colored or decide to buy what he has on the shelf? He has yelow, sand, slate and olive. I am going to buy the elite,

    thank you

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Steve, orange is not a standard color and I only think a couple orange have been custom ordered and therefore there is no photo of them. However, I have seen one in person and they did look really well. If you order an orange I know you’d like it.

  26. Dylan says:

    Going to pick up the only pure white Coosa in existence tomorrow! Hoping it’s still the only one! Keep up the good work guys!

  27. Mike Smith says:

    I have one of the camo colors on hold at Outside World in Columbus, GA. There were 2 camos there. Both are Oive, Sand, & Black, but one has more olive than sand & the other has more sand than olive. I’m not sure if they are made that way intentionaly or if they just came out differently??? I am getting the one with more Olive than Sand. Excited about picking it up next week.

  28. Mike Smith says:

    I saw a custom Red with Black that a guy ordered. It had just come in when I went to see the Coosa up close for the first time. The Red with Black looks AWESOME!

  29. Dylan Abernathy says:

    When can we expect to see some of the 2012 stock colors, especially the swirls? I saw Eric at TPC’s yellow jacket and it looks pretty good.

  30. Scotty Joe Walters says:

    We met at your and my first tradeshow in Salt Lake back in 2004 (didn’t put company name because I didn’t want to sound like I wanted a plug). I’m soo excited about the Coosa! I grew up on one mile of Coosa river front property without a house in sight on either side on my grandfather’s farm. He purchased the farm for six thousand dollars after he returned from WWII and cleared the mile of Coosa bottoms with a cross-cut saw. He passed away recently and he was everything and my best friend. He and I started building a log cabin from trees off the farm last year. Growing up, the river was his and my life -to say the least. J.B. Walters was my Grandfather’s name, even though he is gone, he is still helping me build the log cabin.

  31. Ray McKay says:

    Can you get the Big Tuna with black seats instead of grey? Also, Do you have any pics of a royal blue, grey and white camo blend? Basically a Yellowjacket with Royal Blue instead of Yellow. Is this possible for an extra $200?

  32. Justin says:

    Could you guys do a maroon and black mixed color kayak?

    And could you quote me a price for the Coosa with this color?


  33. Jarod says:

    When can I can i expect the ’13 Coosa to roll out? I plan to purchase within the next 2-6 months, and would like to wait BUT don’t wanna wait too long. Also, will there be any new colors added this year? If so, when can we epect to ba able to preview them?

  34. Justin Sawyer says:

    How much for big tuna in Purple and teal combo

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      Hey Justin,
      This color combo would be pretty tough. We currently aren’t using any purple or teal plastic. We could try to mix colors to make these colors, but there is no guarantee that we would be able to produce them. Being from Charlotte, and growing up a Charlotte Hornets fan, I would love to see this work out. You may want to call and talk to customer service to work out the details if this is something you are serious about. The base price for custom colors is an extra $200. I got my fingers crossed that I see a purple and teal Jackson floating around. Good luck.

  35. Stacey Harrison says:

    I have seen some photos online of a Coosa in a camo pattern that had mainly green, black and some darker brown with almost no sand. Think it was a 2011 or 2012 model. Is Jackson still doing the Coosa in this color or can it be done upon request. I just dont care for the lighter colors in the current Coosa camo color option. Thanks!

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      Hey Stacey,

      We’ve got some new versions of some of our colors, and the sand is one of them. You can custom order the colors you’d like. I would recommend, our Forest Camo, but sub out the sand for a brown. This would darken the kayak up. Hope this helps.

      • Stacey Harrison says:

        Thanks Brooks! If I custom order my color can it be sent to my local dealer for purchase through them or would I need to come to Jackson directly?

  36. Richard says:

    Can you still get Yellow jacket for the 2013 Coosa? IMO that’s the best combo that I have seen!

  37. Kirk T says:

    Is it possible to get the 2013 Coosa in a slate and yellow mix? Also how much would this custom color cost extra?

    • Clay Wright says:

      Hey Kirk T:

      All custom color options are a $200 upgrade and you’ll want to call ahead to your dealer or info@jacksonkayak.com to get a better idea on the time it will take to mold (sometimes 4 weeks depending on whether we are making them or have plenty in stock already).


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