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Standard Solid and Multi Colors:




CUSTOM DESIGNS: Minimum $200. Please contact your local dealer for pricing.
CUSTOM COLORS: Any custom, solid or multicolor, adds to the price of the boat.

50 Responses to Colors

  1. Curtis says:

    Will there be any other colors available for the Cuda…. Specifically something in an orange?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Curtis, you can always get whatever color you want for an upcharge. Can’t remember what it is, maybe $150 or $200 I think but your local dealer would know. Anyway, if you’re going to spend around $1000 on a good fishing kayak that will last a long time, like a Jackson, then you might as well get the color you want. We can make nearly any color or combination of colors (no more than 3 mixed together) that you want. Contact your local dealer or maybe call customer service if you have any other questions. 931-738-2628 and hit ext 115 and talk to Ian. He’ll set you straight if you have any more questions! Hope this helped!

  2. mighty says:

    when are you coming down to key west?

    • Drew Gregory says:

      I’ll be in the Keys from the 3rd of February until the 9th. Give me a call and maybe you can join us on the water! We’ll have Cudas there! 706-540-4280! Drew.

    • mighty says:

      ok drew!! i would love to do some fishing with you guys!!305-304-4126 Let me know when you guys get down here.

  3. May says:

    Is the sunrise color an option for the cuda?

  4. Matt says:

    Do you g uys have a custom color chart?

  5. John says:

    Are the Black Wido, Forest Camo, Lowland Camo, and Yellow Jacket a different construction? They look to have completely different ports and a flattened stern. I’m about to order on but all the distributor has is the Lowland Camo. I want to make sure I’m getting the right model.

  6. João Santos says:

    Hello! I’m from Portugal and I want to buy a Jackson Cuda, but I would like to buy a Urban Camo and the portuguese dealer told me that the colors that you guys were sending to Portugal are Black Widow and Forest Camo. Is there any possibility of sending Urban Camo to Portugal?? I really love that color and I would love to have one! thankyou

    • Clay Wright says:

      You will have to talk to your dealer about a special order… we can only send them what they ask us for. Here there is an upcharge and a delay for custom colors but they can give you specifics.


  7. Eddy B says:

    iiiiI I keep hearing that you can order any color, but I was told by one of the dealers that I
    could I not order one that matched the color of my truck, which is maroon. Is it possible to order a maroon cuda?

    • Clay Wright says:

      Not sure where you hear you can order any color, but you can Special ORder a number of them and possibly a mix of black and red would create the ”marroon’ you desire.

      Ask your dealer, as I think it’s a 100$ and 4 week difference to custom order…but they will tell you for sure. If we have brown (not sure we do) that may mix well too.

      Clay Wright

  8. Eddy B says:

    Mr. Wright, on Jan. 23 Mr. Drew Gregory posted in response to another question about colors “Curtis you can always get whatever color you want for an upcharge.” “We can make nearly any color or combination of colors…..”. That is where I heard it, so that is why I asked if I could ORDER a “marroon” Cuda.

  9. Mike Murphy says:

    Any chance you guys have done an Army (Multi-cam) version of the Cuda. My son’s in the Army and I’m going to order a new Cuda for my birthday and would like it to be an Army version. If you haven’t done one, could you?



    • Clay Wright says:

      We can special order colors and it’s about a 100$ upcharge plus 4-6 weeks delivery. On the other hand, have you seen all the camo colors we make? Click the ”colors” link under the boat name and you’ll see all sorts of camo varieties. Ask your dealer if you want something different – they can help.


  10. Newport Pagnell says:

    Is orange available as a standard (no charge)color on the Cuda? If not, what is the reasoning behind it? For fishing in open water(ocean,gulf etc)I would like to have some high-vis colors, not camo.Too easy to get run over here.

    • Clay Wright says:

      You can special order many colors but I’m not sure we are offering Orange or not this year, you’ll have to check with your dealer. It’s a 100$ upcharge plus 4-6 weeks delivery.

      We do make ‘black widow’ a red / black combo and also a yellow / white / black combo called Yellow Jacket… these should be brighter than most but I do understand your concerns for visibility. Consider an orange reflective vest – dirt cheap from Walmart and your body sticks up higher than the boat anyway. And as always, be ready to dive!

  11. E. J. says:

    I was going to order one this spring but I’ll probably hold off until you offer more colors, especially ones that have better visibility for other boats out on the open water when conditions aren’t perfectly flat. Paying extra and waiting longer for a custom color is something I’ll have to pass on, and wearing a fluorescent vest doesn’t do much to increase visibility. Hopefully sometime in the near future you’ll add some colors.

    • Tray Collins says:

      Sand is a really popular color among those who have visibility in mind.

      I paddle a black Cuda which is probably the worst color for safety, but I’ve added aftermarket products to help with the issue. YakAttack’s VisiPole II, VisiCarbon pro, and nite stripe are what a lot of anglers use. They definitely help to increase the visibility of a kayak!

  12. Tony Moye says:

    Hey Drew, Met you at the Classic in Jacksonville. My son, Ben and I are CGKF members and friends of Trey’s. You sold us on the Cuda. My piggy bank’s earmarked for one. Mention to the designers what I suggested about incorporating a livewell in the Cuda like the Big Tuna has. That would make it perfect!

  13. Kyle says:

    I tried out a Cuda yesterday as well a yak from a well known reputable competitor (Ride 135). I favored the Cuda hands down. It is a great kayak that is comfortable with well thought out features. Imagine my disappointment when I told the dealer I wanted to purchase one and the only bright color they had without spending an extra $100 was black widow that was mostly black and a custom order will take 4-6 weeks. I think it is a pretty obvious safety consideration that an open water kayak should be a hi-vis color since it will be sharing the water with power boat traffic. I’m dissapointed considering all the things you did right with this boat that you stick your customers for an extra $100 to get a safe color because you made a color choice mistake in the first place. I will still buy a Jackson Cuda and will encourage others to as well. It’s a great boat from a company with a great reputation. Next time, if there is a next time, please take ownership of the mistake and be nice to your customers about it. We will all appreciate it.

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Kyle, please send an email to our VP of Sales Marty Cronin because he is interested in knowing who the dealer your working with is. We’d love to figure something out where you are happy. Our black widow and yellow jacket are supposed to be “brights” but they are not as bright on the Cudas as they are on the Coosas. I think Marty can help you though. His email is mcronin@jacksonkayak.com

      • Kyle says:

        Thank you Drew. The Jackson company has a great name for a reason. Your personal e-mail to me and your post here, as well as your obvious desire to work things out to make customers happy is a big part of that reason. As I said, I will recommend Jackson. Thanks again.

  14. rcasiano says:

    Heard about a dorado color coming out for the cuda any info on that ?

    • Emily Jackson says:

      2013 Colors will be launched later on this summer be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
      Emily Jackson

      • Uldric Ditch says:

        Saw that Dorado color again out in Utah and I have fellow star guys as well as customers asking about it as an option. As soon as we can know I know I would love to check it out.

  15. Bart Swab says:

    I fish the backwaters of Saint Augustine Florida. The camo is a great thing for matching the enviroment. When your fishing in less than a foot of water every little bit helps.When I go offshore I either wear a hunter orange vest or fly a flag. Great kayak for all around fishing conditions.

  16. Alan High says:

    Any idea what the color choices for the Cuda 12 will be? I hope there will be some high visibility colors available

  17. Chris says:

    Is this bad boy available now, or is there a date yet? Also are the 2013 colors and options all present here?

  18. Justin says:

    Just wanted to give props to the team at Jackson Kayaks, super helpful. Chatted with someone for about 20 minutes about the Cuda and adding an aftermarket rudder….sadly when I went back to the shop to buy the demo it was sold though!

  19. May says:

    Might just be a little dissapointed. When I bought my cuda I emailed because I wanted a more visable color and asked about something like what I see now with limon. I LOVE my Cuda hands down, however I sure wish that had been a color option. When I asked it was not an option at all. Well maybe santa will be nice and let me get the 12 in that color…..

    • Stephen Wright says:

      Feedback like yours on our color options helps us choose what to offer each year. Thanks for taking the time to send us your comments earlier. Sorry that the bright colors weren’t standard options for 2011, but I hope you like what we’re offering in 2012 :)

  20. Dick Naughtin says:

    I have been considering another of the only other fishing kayaks with the long center hatch (OK). I know see some distinct advantages to the cuda. However all my kayaks are high vis yellow that I feel is an absolute must for safety reasons. I’m not very keen on spending an extra $100 and 4-6 weeks delivery to get what the rest of the world feels is standard. You offer great camo colors that I would love if I were still a duck hunter, but I a pretty confirmed lemon guy now. I truly hope a high viz color becomes standard soon.

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      I know you are lemon guy but we did add a really bright orange this year that is very visible. Thank you for your input, we will considered this next year when we decide what colors to choose as standard colors.

  21. Shawn says:

    I just ordered the Cuda 14 2013 from my local dealer and was wondering if it is still available in the Yellow Jacket color.

    • Stephen Wright says:

      The yellow jacket color isn’t one of our standard 2012 colors, but you could certainly special order one if you really like it :) To see our 2012 colors, open the product page for the cuda 14, and click the “color” link. I just shot those images a few weeks ago, so they’re the correct representation of our 2012 color line-up.

  22. Brett says:

    I think I’m speaking for the majority when I speak against the current color options. Now that I can purchase one my two favorite colors are no longer available. (yellow jacket and urban camo)

    Im very disappointed because it took me a long time to spare the cash and now I have to wait longer and spend more just to purchase what was available a few months ago at base pricing. You guys are treating these coloring dyes like rare-earth magnets, trading one color for another or as if they are vintage autographed baseball cards. I guess I will wait until next year and hope for the best.

    • Clay Wright says:

      Hey Brett –

      Consider checking with other dealers to see who stocks last year’s colors that you like, the dealer locator on the website has phone numbers and it’s likely there’s somewhere good to fish near them so you could make it a fun road trip.

      Colors is tricky as it’s a lot of personal preference and each dealer / consumer likes what they like and not what they don’t. We get complaints about our color options from someone every single year so we just keep mixing it up.

      Good Luck finding the exact boat you want!


  23. Dave says:

    What color blue is the Cuda kayak on the website? Is it possible to get the Big Tuna in this color?

  24. phillip says:

    can i get a custom color for a 2013 cuda in dark purple i had 1 dealer tell me yes and one told me no

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Phillip I don’t believe we have any purple resin so in order to make it we would have to mix two colors together to make a purple. It can be done, but the exact degree or exact color of “purple” cannot be guaranteed. So, if you want purple and are fine with taking a slight gamble, we can attempt it.

  25. cristopher says:

    Howdy! Wondering if you all can do a Multicam coloring, I see you have the possible resin colors, just wondering if the combo would be available? Awesome kayaks gents!

  26. Michael Smith says:

    Can you make a camo colored kayak with out the white. Ducks will flare if they see any white on a boat. Like the camo idea, but the white has to go.

    • Brooks Beatty says:

      Hey Michael,

      We can do custom colors, including pulling the lighter shades out of a camo. So, to answer your question yes.



  27. Robert Leopold says:

    What are the colors for 2014? Will there be “yellow jacket”? I have been looking everywhere for a Cuda 12 in “yellow jacket”. When do you bring out the 2014’s? Thx!


  28. Corey says:

    I’m considering purchasing an illuminati. My question is this. Can you camo the white or illuminate a different color and still have the illuminating effect? I yak in very dirty river water and don’t want to stain the boat. Thanks for the reply.

    • Drew Gregory says:

      Actually Corey if you mix the illuminati then it loses its glow effect so its not possible. You can camo the white of course. Now, white may not glow, but it is bright and looks cool. I’d try mixing white and sand together to make a cool color!

  29. Chris says:

    When will the 2014 colors be announced? Someone said August but haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks :)

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