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The Basics: Embedded in the DNA of Jackson Kayak is a commitment to championship excellence so for the Ibis, we called on the industry-recognized champion of rec boat design and asked him to put all his best thoughts into one super sweet boat. It doesn’t get any better than this. Destined to be a classic in Jackson Kayak’s rec/touring line, the Ibis is the most versatile kayak in its class, attracting paddlers who put a premium on comfort, performance, storage capacity and value. For comfort, a padded knee area combines with our super-comfy, removable patented Elite seat that’s a dream on and off the water.

The Ibis delivers on performance and aesthetics thanks to its highly efficient and straight-tracking hard-chined hull and a look inspired by traditional kayaks. Our unique approach to gear storage means the Ibis is a delight on day trips and a real workhorse for overnighters. Stuff your daily needs in the on-deck storage bag for easy and quick access to gear and goodies without having to open a hatch. At camp at night, park the patented Elite seat next to the campfire and gain hatchless access to overnight gear stored in a dry bag behind the seat.

Best of all, at least in these economic times, the Ibis is long on features and benefits and low on price. $799.

A boat to call home on the water. Highlights of the Ibis:

  • Novice and casual paddlers will prize the Ibis for its value, stability and ease of use.
  • Experienced paddlers will appreciate the boat’s smooth paddling attributes; generous storage capacity makes it a nice option for protected conditions and overnight trips.

6 Responses to Product Description

  1. Jay Bitzer says:

    I love my new Ibis, but I’m not having much luck getting water to drain out of the bow drain. Any tips or tricks?

    • Clay Wright says:

      I’m not familiar with that particular boat but a sponge is an easy trick to getting the last bit of water out of any kayak. Use the drain for the bulk of it then put the boat flat but on it’s side edge and sponge the last bit out like that. Sponge tucks neatly under the seat or under a bungie.


  2. Duane L Beckett says:

    what class rapids is the Ibis rated for?

  3. Jonny Ace says:

    What class of rapids is the Ibis rated for? Thinking of buying a pair of these. We live near the Buffalo River in Arkansas, as well as several large lakes. How does it do in swift water?

    • Emily Jackson says:

      The ibis is the perfect boat up to class 2. Its stable but not super easy for quick maneuvers…
      Emily Jackson

  4. Bill Martin says:

    My Ibis is my first kayak and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m a complete rookie with nobody to show me the basics. Still, from my first launch, the Ibis has proven very friendly, stable and easy to paddle. It is very quiet on flat water. And when I want to crank it up, the boat is incredibly fast. Very cool.

    I also can’t say enough about the quality, workmanship, and features of this boat. It’s the little things that make a difference — and the Ibis has them. Everything seems very well thought out. Beautiful boat.

    There’s only one problem: Between my experiences with the Ibis and a viewing of one of EJ’s basic kayaking videos, I’m starting to catch the bug for a whitewater boat. (How can my wife complain? Getting into kayaking was her idea in the first place!)

    Thanks for producing a well-designed, quality product! I’m proud to own a Jackson.

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