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Standard Single and Multicolor Options:












CUSTOM DESIGNS: Minimum $200. Please contact your local dealer for pricing.
CUSTOM COLORS: Any custom, solid or multicolor, adds to the price of the boat.

16 Responses to Colors

  1. Tony Shea says:


    Was just curious about the SuperStar. Over the summer I paddled all the other boats in the range. I am 6-5 35″ inseam and about 12 foot size. After about twenty minutes in these boats my legs were dying. So now I am looking at the Jackson SuperStar and wondering will this boat fit me comfortable and will I be able to paddle on longer trips were it would be fun. Please let me know what your thoughts are.


    • Eric Jackson says:

      Super Star fits up to 36″ size 12. MonStar is larger and fits a much bigger person! Try both!

    • Emily Jackson says:

      Hey Tony,
      The most common reason for people’s legs to either fall asleep or be in pain is normally related to where you place your hip pads. If you are having this problem often try moving the hip pads up, further forward etc, as the hip pad in the wrong place hits several tendons and veins that go from your hip to your toes and low blood flow causes them to fall asleep and be uncomfortable.
      Let us know how that works, the Super Star will fit you comfortably and if you have any other questions or concerns be sure to let us know
      Emily Jackson

      • Clay Wright says:

        My first suggestion to ‘legs going to sleep’ inquiries is to re-velcro the hip pads at cockpit level on the front edge so the ‘bulge’ of the pad sits ABOVE your leg rather than digging into it. Sliding them further back works for some people, but just about everyone benefits from keeping the hip pads above their thighs.

        The pads often migrate down as you get into the kayak, so expect to re-velcro them higher and hold onto them with your thumbs as you get into the kayak to keep them there.

        Some people sit too far back in the seat, so the sides of their legs hit the sides of the seat. Make sure you position your seat so your backband will be adjusted slightly forwards of the back edge when trimmed correctly. Pressure on that outside hip area is the # 1 cause of numbness and easily preventable. 2nd cause is pressure on the bottom of your thighs – which can be removed by re-adjusting the sweet cheeks. Good luck!
        Clay Wright / Team JK

  2. Tom Rose says:

    Hi there :)

    I’ve been looking around for the perfect size boat and finally found the Mon-Star, rly appreciate the work ye guys do to help us taller paddlers. I’m just asking about the colors, i’d like to see the rasta but as a real image. Do you think this would be possible or perhaps find a link to an image? I’ve been searching for a good while now and haven’t found any.

    Any help is appreciated.


  3. Laura says:

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you can tell me approximately the time line I would be looking at to order/manufacture/have shipped an elite allstar with custom colours through my local dealer (Ontario, Canada).

    Also, just wondering if you can explain the difference in the wider weight range between the fun (135-180lbs) and the all star (130-200lbs)? I currently have a fun and want to switch to an all star but am wondering how the wider range will impact things (if at all)?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Clay Wright says:

      I can’t help you with shipping times, since they vary almost daily by color, build, and stock.
      As for the weight ranges, we have a Team member at 130 who throws down in an Allstar (not to mention how Dane does at like 110) and another at 200 who prefers it to the Super-star in some situations. I would say 200 lbs top end to an All-star is pretty extremes .. the outer limits of who may choose this size rather than an average. To me the boats feel about the same size and might have a more similar weight range if I were writing it. Since the All-star is a pure playboat, it may be more likely larger people would enjoy it in park and play and pool sessions where a Fun by definition is more likely to be going downriver. I’m 175 lbs and prefer the 4-fun for downriver paddling although I do choose the All-star for freestyle comps.

      Hope this helps!
      Clay Wright

  4. Troy Replogle says:

    Hey there! The Star is about to be my first Kayak and I’d like it in a blue and white color combo. I do not quite understand how to submit it for custom coloring though. Is that through the dealer?

    • Stephen Wright says:

      Yes, you set that up through your dealer. Just tell them that you would like to special order a custom color combo and they will help you set it up :). That’s going to be a sweet looking boat!!!!

  5. Linus Chapin says:

    I teach a roll session at SOU (in Oregon) and we just received 14 new Jackson boats for our program, and I have say that they are awesome! I just cracked my old playboat and am looking at getting the new All Star, can you guys make that in a purple? It would be super sweet if you could! if so what kind of shade or hue would it be?

    • Clay Wright says:

      You’ll have to ask customer service about that – talk to your dealer too as it’s a 100$ upcharge with some 4-6week shipping delays possible depending on a few other factors. We could have a purple one in stock from a few years back but you’ll have to ask to find out. Info@jacksonkayak.com

      The shade we used to stock was kinda ”barney” purple.


  6. Jake says:

    How much do custom colours cost and if I ordered it from a paddling place (paddler co-op Palmer rapids) would I be able to get custom colours. I’m thinking white, blue, black, and orange.

  7. jesslyddy says:

    Hey im looking to upgrade my boat to the allstar and id love to get the red and yellow one like nick troutman. is this available to be gotten or do i have to special order it? im living in ireland and im trying to keep costs down. whats the cheapest way to do this? thanks for your time, Jess

    • Clay Wright says:

      Not sure they can do this as I hear it was really time consuming and expensive, but to be sure contact your local dealer and ask them to check with JK or email info @ jacksonkayak.com. There are plastic paints which will last only a little while but if you are careful then it might work on just the deck like his.


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