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Why the Side Kick: High volume, stable, fast, lightweight, easy to roll river runner for kids. Let your kid accompany you on your Hero missions! For 40-120 pounds.

The Paddler’s Advantage: For downriver paddling, or even flatwater, this boat offers a stable platform and speed. This is a perfect boat for kids who want to stay right side up and are more interested in exploring new parts of the river then playing.

Price! At only $699 you can’t go wrong. After a couple of years in it, you will have a line-up of friends wanting it for their kids.


16 Responses to Product Description

  1. alan searcy says:

    Hey guys,

    Two questions, my daughters are 11 and 14 and both weigh 94 lbs. They both paddled the little hero and the sidekick and really like the sidekick’s fit. Is it a good choice for their weights? Second, what size skirt will fit that cockpit? Thanks!

    Pine, Colorado

    • Clay Wright says:

      Hi guys!

      Alan- I emailed Junior Women’s World Champion Lauren Burress for her view, since she’s been paddling since she was about 40 lbs too! Here is what she suggested:

      The Sidekick’s weight range is 30-100 lbs, and the Little Hero is 80-135. But your not asking us to give you the specs, I think if your girls like the fit of the Sidekick let them paddle that! Its going to be a more pleasant experience for them if their paddling a boat that fits them. But they’re going to be wanting to paddle the Little Hero soon enough, considering they’re still growing. If your going to be buying new boats I suggest the Little Hero, but like I said if you own both they’re most likely going to like the Sidekick better.

      Now with cockpit size, the sidekick is going to be a Large, & the Little Hero a Small. But the tube size will be much smaller for the girls! If you want to look any other info up here is the link to Snapdragon: http://snapdragondesign.com/fit-lists/ww-fit-list/

      Glad to here other girls are loving kayaking!!

      • alan searcy says:

        Hey Lauren! My name is Alissa Searcy and I am 11 years old. I do like the sidekick, but my problem is that we keep hearing different specs for the sidekick. Is the weight range 30-100 or 40-120? I love the sidekick and I’m enjoying paddling it. But since I’m still growing and eventually will need a bigger boat, I don’t know if i should stick with the sidekick or paddle the Little Hero if I fit both weight ranges? if we’re going to be buying kayaks I don’t know which boat to use. So I guess I have 3 questions. What is the REAL weight range for the sidekick, which boat should I go with when I buy one, and finally is fit more important than weight range.
        Thanks so much, YOU’RE AWESOME!!
        – Alissa

        • Tom Fort says:

          I would also like to know the current recommended weight range for the Little Hero. I’ve seen both the 30-100 and 40-120 ranges. I’m looking for a boat that can take a 90 lb girl and last her until she’s ready to fit an adult boat like a Zen 55 or 2 Fun in 5 years or so. Moving out of a Fun 1.5 now.

          • Stephen Wright says:

            The Little Hero would be the perfect boat for her. It should be good up to about 120ish. The Zen 55 is really only a little bigger than the Little Hero–it would be great at 100 lbs… either of those boats would likely be fine for her, but you should go sit in them and see what you think :) Enjoy!!!!

  2. kofi barber-may says:

    my name is kofi in 12 and i weigh 47 kilos and im 5 foot i was thinking of getting a side kick but i am not sure. i live in london so ill most likely have to pay to get it here will it be worth it or should i just get a lil hero.

    • Clay Wright says:

      Sounds like you are young so should consider the Lil Hero or Zen 55 so you can grow into them. Sidekick is really small and if you weight 100lbs + the Lil Hero would be better by far. Check out the Zen 55 as well – more river-running / surfy design, less creeky but faster and lighter too.

      Hope this helps!


    • Clay Wright says:

      We have an importer there called Square Rock that not only imports but can direct you to a shop where you can try the boats yourself! Google Square Rock or just try your local JK dealer (can be found on our website under ‘dealer locater’) and ask what demos they have.

      At 5′ you may fit the side-kick at the top end but if you are growing or want to run harder rivers a lil hero seems like a longer lasting higher riding option.


  3. Erik van Noort says:

    I’ve got a waif of an 8 year old girl at 45 lb, a 5 year old sister right behind her at 40 lb, and a monster of a 3 year old in the mid 30 lb range. I’m just a beginner myself but will be in a river running play boat sort of thing next year. To get the kids into it I’m torn between the Fun 1 and the Sidekick – I’ll just buy one boat and they’ll all try it. Is the Sidekick too big for them (i.e. the 8 year old) at this point? From my own experience I found the higher volume boats more stable and for learning is the Sidekick more stable than the Fun 1 (albiet less “fun” if they really like to play).

    • Stephen Wright says:

      The Sidekick would be on the big side for your 8 year old now, but at 60 lbs (depending on height), it’d be great. The Fun 1 is the perfect size for your kids right now, but it has less leg room, so as they grow (next year), they may need a bigger boat. The other option might be a shooting star, which is sized in between the fun 1 and 1.5 with a good bit more leg room. At their weights, it would be VERY forgiving and easier for them to push around.

      Hope that helps!! Good job getting your kids into boating!!!!!!!

  4. magnus kron says:

    I want to get a sidekick but I can’t find a online dealer that will ship the kayak, I live in florida so there are no whitewater dealers though there are rivers in florida.

    • Clay Wright says:

      Hey Magnus –

      NOC.com or colorado Kayak supply or Ace Whitewater and many other online retailers would love to help you out.

      They ship across state lines and while they may not stock the boat in house they can certainly order it. Explain that there is no dealer in your area, ask how long it will take, and enjoy your Sidekick! Clay

  5. Michael says:

    Our son, age 7, is moving out of the Fun 1 this year and into a larger boat. He has generally been paddling on easy class 2 multi-day trips for a couple of years. What should we consider when comparing the Fun 1.5 and the Side Kick?

    • Stephen Wright says:

      The Fun 1.5 and the Sidekick would both be great options for him! If he liked the shape of the Fun 1, and it was doing most of what he wants, I’d just upgrade to the 1.5. It’ll be lighter and easier for him to carry and boss around on the river. If you’d like to have a more forgiving shape to give him confidence on bigger/more challenging water, the Sidekick would be a perfect boat for him. He’s also have room in the Sidekick to carry some gear if you want him to :)
      hope that helped a bit!

  6. Cameron Preston says:

    i am 11 and looking for the right boat that will fit me i was just wondering weatherthere are differant sises

    • Clay Wright says:

      Hey Cameron – The sidekick is a kids boat for sure and likely a good fit for an 11 year old but:

      What do you weight? I can direct you best if I know how many lbs you weight because all our boats are sized based on weight. Hit me back with that and I will hook you up. Clay

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