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Jackson Kayak has long been supporting generations of kayakers from all walks of life.  Our team of instructors and leaders continually work to encourage today’s youth to get out there and shred.  Lead by Jez Blanchard, one of today’s top youth instructors, this band of up-n-coming kids travel to some of the world’s top whitewater destinations with the aim of getting more and more youth into kayaking.

These little shredders have been selected as they are awesome ambassadors to kayaking. They all have great attitudes, raw talent and a real passion for paddling. The goal of this team is to help develop and support them as they grow in the sport. Guided, mentored and supported by the older JK athletes the little shredders will have the opportunity to progress their paddling to an unparalleled level. Encompassing some of the best young talent from around the globe, these kids will showcase how much fun it is to paddle through share their paddling stories and adventures throughout the year. Helping motivate and inspire the next generation and showing us all that no matter what age you are or where you live you can really have fun, paddling and living life in the outdoors and on rivers all over the world.

Tune in here for their stories, tips, photos and videos.

  • Little Shredder Lotte checks in from NZ

    Little Shredder Lotte checks in from NZ

    May 23, 2017   jklittleshredders
  • Competing in Freestyle Nationals

    Competing in Freestyle Nationals

    May 20, 2017   jklittleshredders
  • Second addition to the Jackson Kayak Little Shredders

    Second addition to the Jackson Kayak Little Shredders

    May 19, 2017   Jezz
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