Contest Rules

Jackson Kayak would like to thank all of you for paddling our boats!  We love our boats and it shows in our posts here at, how bout you?  We’d love to share your story, so curl up next to your favorite JK, get on a wave, cruise a lake, catch a fish and send us your MY JK shot and story!

Winners Each Month
Each month we will be giving away JK swag!  Cool?  At the end of the summer we’ll be voting on the best testimonial and tossing a boat out there… so submit today!

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ‘MY JK’ STORY (feel free to get some jpeg’s ready… photos encouraged!)


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  1. Jacqueline Robertson says:

    I love, love, love Jackson and have a 4FUN. I saw the Jacson Class A motorhome at NOC last week…was hoping to see a Jackson while I was there but, did meet a really nice family on the river who’s daughter was paddling a Jackson Whitewater board and a lot of Jackson’s.

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