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My JK Story Submission Form


We would LOVE to see your stories, photos and videos!

Note:  By entering you agree to allow us to post your photos and videos on our website, facebook page and include it in our email newsletters!

  • For us to send you your prizes, please fill in your address!
  • Let us know why YOUR Jackson is the ONE!
  • For this first image... PLEASE use ONLY a horizontal image and, if possible, size it 533 pixels wide by 400 of optimal viewing on the web site.

7 Responses to My JK Story Submission Form

  1. Paul Bickler says:

    Bring on spring so I can get my Rouge out again!

  2. Isaac says:

    we need mas lluvia!

  3. Christopher Martin says:

    The ice is beginning to recede from the lakes here in Nova Scotia. Bring on paddling season!

  4. Kevin says:

    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but do the entries need to feature a Jackson boat? Also, are the photos/video supposed to be -taken- in the current month or are older shots acceptable?

    • Clay Wright says:

      I’m not running the contest but I would bet you won’t win submitting an Ocean Kayak shot!

      If the boat is in the shot but not the ‘feature’ I’m sure that is fine but I would rather a JAckson Boat be in the shot than not…bet Emily feels the same.

      Older shots acceptable unless otherwise stated. Clay

  5. Jim says:

    Second try at entry. still fun

  6. steve busch says:

    Binghamton Univ students luv the FUNS!!!!

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