Ken Hoeve

Living in Colorado for the past 20 years, Hobie has been a fixture on the whitewater kayaking scene as both a competitor and announcer. His accomplishments range from victories on Gore Canyon, the Arkansas’s Royal Gorge, Clear Creek and Utah’s Weber river to announcing and hosting events like the Reno River Fest, Teva Mountain Games, FiBark and Dominion River Rock. And within the past 5 years he has become an instrumental figure in the progression of running rivers on an SUP. His stand up descents of the Numbers section of the Ark, Dowd Chute, Barrel Springs, Gore Canyon and countless laps in Glenwood Canyon have not only pushed the limits but also encouraged others to get on boards and get after it. Most recently Hobie has teamed up with Jackson designer Tony Lee and assisted in the release of three boards from Jackson Kayaks. The SUPerCharger (river runner), SUPerNatural (rec and touring) and the SUPerFishal (fishing SUP). His thoughts on paddling are simple “it does not matter what you are on or in, as long as you are having fun and on the water”

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