Clay Wright

Name: Romulus Claiborne Wright III

Nickname:  Clay

DOB: St. Patrick’s Day in the Summer of Love

Hometown: Rock Island TN

Favorite Place to Paddle:  Gauley!  Nile, Raven, Skook, Cali or Chile Creeks, Mexi waterfalls, anywhere new.

Accomplishments:  7x and Current US Freestyle Team Member, 2x Squirt World Champion and 2015 Silver Medalist, 2nd Place 2016 Jimicup (winner 2013), 4th at 2013 National Freestyle Championships, 05 National Freestyle Champion, Top 10 2013 Green Race ”Iron Man”, 1st Green Race Winner, 1st D’s in 7 states and 5 countries, Inventor of the Loop

Playboat:  2014 Rock Star for foamy waves and flushy holes, 2016 Rockstar for big waves or stickier holes  Creekboat:  Karma MD!!  Previously 2011 Hero

Crazy Fact About You:  Great Uncle started Goo-Goo Clusters

Why Clay Loves Kayaking: Kayaking is athletic, gymnastic, thrilling, and usually forgiving … plus you get to be the mad scientist AND the white rat!

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