Isaac Levinson

Name: Isaac Levinson

Age: 25

Hometown: White Salmon, WA

Why Isaac loves Kayaking: I love to paddle where ever there is water, The PNW has become one of my favorite paces because of consistent water flows year around,  pristine rivers with amazing whitewater, and a crew that is down to charge everyday. I also really like the Southeast US for its ultra steep low volume creeks. Internationally I’ve been lucky enough to paddle in South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Each place has something special to offer.


US Slalom National team member 2008-2012

Green Race Champion 2010 & 2012 in Short Boat, 2011 in Long Boat

2011 Russell Fork Champion

Little White Race 2011 Co. Champion

2014 Go-Pro Mtn. Games Champion

Canoe/Kayak Magazine “Paddler of the Year” for 2012

Playboat of Choice: Medium Rockstar, its so easy to hop in and rip. Im not a die hard play boater but nothing compares to surfing a dynamic wave or busting a huge air loop.

Creeker of Choice: Medium Karma!  One of the main reasons I made the move to JK, the karma is a boat thats does it all with style and ease. Fast enough to win any race,  great on big waterfalls, and crushes big water.

Crazy Fact about Isaac: I won the 2011 Green Race without the use of the right side of my face. I had Bells Palsy, Bell’s palsy is a form of  facial paralyses resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII  causing an inability to control facial muscles on the affected side.  I had a bad ear infection and the swelling put pressure on the nerve. Crazy experience ill never forget.


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