Stephen Wright

Name: Stephen Wright

Nickname: Hobbit King or Dark Horse

Hometown: Rock Island, TN

Favorite Place to Paddle: Anywhere there’s water!

Accomplishments: Keener Program Head coach, 4-Time US National Freestyle Champion, 3rd World Championships 2011, 3rd World Championships 2009, US Freestyle team member 2009 & 2011, 2011 Pan American Champion, 1st Ever Island’s Smelliest Object Competition on the Hairy Lemon–2nd.

Playboat: 2014 Rockstar M plastic and composite

Creekboat: Karma M, Hero

Other Sponsors: NRS, AT Paddles, Mountain Surf, Shred Ready, Maui Jim, Murky Water

Crazy Fact About You: I can grow facial hair on command.  I eat no green vegetables of any kind–ever!

Why Stephen Loves Kayaking: It’s and infinite challenge, which takes me all over the world with friends.  Whether playboating, squirt boating, creeking, river running, instructing, or competing, I just love to be on the water in a boat.

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Watch Videos of Me At: Youtube Username BoyJeenyus1

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