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In 1974 I moved to Lakeland, Florida and discovered fishing.   Living within walking distance to “Bill Johnson’s Pro Bass Shops” I spent most of his money and time there when not fishing.   Winning the monthly bass, speckled perch, and bluegill competitions numerous times each year I was invited to appear on several episodes of fishing shows filmed in Florida.    My best friend Bill and I built a floating dock on a hyacinth island in the middle of his local lake and spent most of his nights in the summer sneaking out after my parents went to sleep and night fishing that lake and cooking a late night snack on the dock.    Snook, tarpon, sea trout, redfish, amber and yellow jack, are my favorites for brackish/salt water fishing.    Long nights into long days on the Peace River, Englewood Bay, Boca Raton, and the Everglades produced some of my fondest fishing memories.

I moved to NH when I was 15 and learned to bass fish in northern waters.    Discovering that bass lived just about  everywhere was enough to keep me motivated to fish after I left Florida.   Small Mouth Bass got me super fired up when I realize how aggressive and crazy fun they are to catch.   While I am best known as a whitewater kayaker, those who really know me, know just how much time I spend casting my lures to the shores with every cast being a game of who can nail the cast closest, fastest, and produce the most fish.   Yes, fishing is a game to me too and I love the athleticism of casting time and time again into the littlest overhung pockets and pulling out the fish from them.

When I was approached by Drew Gregory to build a fishing kayak, that was especially designed to be stellar on rivers… “oh yea baby!” I thought right away.  Rivers, fishing, and the coolest fishing kayak ever!   Now I have an excuse to fish!

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