Noah Heck

Noah was born on a 23-acre lake in Western Pennsylvania and raised by a mother and father who both loved fishing and always had a boat. His father was a local tournament angler who had him fishing as soon as he was strong enough to yield a rod and reel. While they still fish buddy tournaments together to this day, his true passion is now kayak fishing and it is one of few aspects in his life where he feels at peace and one with the outdoors. He has taken that to another level by founding Kayak Anglers, a non-profit organization with a strong focus not only on kayak fishing but on charity and community as well. Noah fishes all water types from Lake Erie to small creeks near Pittsburgh, PA. When not competing, he spends his days enjoying what nature has to offer with his wife and son and by introducing new folks to the spectacular sport of kayak fishing that we all know and love.

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