Erik Lorenz

I grew up in Bremen in the North of Germany with a family full of fishing addicts. Inevitably, I started fishing at an early age, and my passion for fishing grows more and more with every day on the water. Throughout my childhood we were always at beaches on the Northern and Baltic Sea fishing for Codfish and Seatrout. Both of my grandparents were kayakers,  and my Grandpa had a fishing boat too, which he often took me out fishing from. And at that time, I thought that was exactly what I wanted…but when my grandfather died, I thought about buying myself a boat, but then I realized all the other things I would need to go along with it, (place for the boat, motor, gas, a trailer etc.) so I rejected the idea. In 2007, I saw pictures from guys who were catching a lot of big fish from a kayak – Was that you Jim? I was immediately infected with the thought to experience this, and to have a craft I could take anywhere . So, I began my journey to find one for myself. And today you can find me around Bremen on rivers, creeks and lakes, fishing for walleyes, northern pikes and perch and on the Baltic Sea for codfish an sea trout. I love to share my passion, thoughts, excitement for kayak fishing, and am always looking for ways to improve the sport.I am always grateful to be outdoors, and even more grateful that my beautiful wife and my 2 awesome kids support me and the thing I love…kayak fishing.

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