Jason Griffith

I was raised in Kansas City and most of my family roots derive from the rural Nebraska farmlands. As a child, my dad would take my brother and me to the rivers in Nebraska and Kansas and we would bank fish for catfish mostly and enjoy our time outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. I also enjoyed many years of camping, fishing, and canoe trips in the Ozarks as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. Fast forward several years, just prior to moving to Austin, TX, I decided that I wanted to get back into fishing as I had heard about the abundance of amazing lakes and rivers throughout the Austin and San Marcos, TX areas. The thought of owning my own kayak and being able to take float trips while camping and throwing in a fishing line along the way was exactly what I was interested in pursuing. After spending the last few years in Austin making life-long friendships and learning to bass fish from some of the best kayak anglers in the region, I decided that I would like to take my knowledge of kayaking and the amazing community of friends it can create and head back to the Midwest to help the growth of kayaking in this region.

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