John Ord

Hi guys, my name is John Ord. Living in the county of Northumberland, U.K,
Means I’m very close to the north east coast of England. I can be at a number of beaches within 10 minutes driving. And equally not far from fresh water fishing too, so very lucky.
My love affair with fishing all started when I was old enough to walk. At 3 years old I’d walk the river banks with my dad in pursuit of salmon on the river Couquet in Northumberland, as I grew so did my passion for fishing, targeting different species along the way. My hunger for knowledge grew, and learning different methods and styles for different fish excited me, and i always wanted to learn more.
 I Started kayak fishing 3 years ago, it was one method I hadn’t tried and it Intrigued me. After my first outing I was instantly hooked. Once I got the feel for the kayak mixed with my various styles,it soon became clear it was the perfect way for me to target fish.

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