Joseba Mikel Ruiz del Cano

I was born in Vitoria, a small town in northern Spain , I’ve always been very aware since childhood which sport will be important for the rest of my life, it was fishing. All of life’s memories are about or close to the fishing, being a fundamental part of it.

I have never failed to go fishing in my entire life , but it was 6 years ago in 2008, when I decided to get involved more intensely in the world of fishing, then I started to work with one of my first sponsors who gave me their support and confidence and  also allowed me to develop products and learn many things in this field, where the sport becomes a business.

From then until now I have not changed too much, but my profesional status and the way how the fishing world sees me has been modificated. I am working together with more than 10 brands including Online shops. I want to name My three major sponsors, Hart, Evia supply, BassBrigade a big American clothing brand located in California. to note that really big companies trust in me.

The basics of my studies are marketing and sales, and I try to develop and apply them within the fishery, being an active writer in national magazines and forums, don´t forgetting the social media nets . I´m proud to be able to give seminars on hunting and fishing shows nationwide , also I have been the weigh-in speaker at some international bass fishing championship like Caspe Bass.

Actually this is part of my life , but what really makes me happy is go fishing every day and do my best harder to understand the sport and try to catch big fish , always with the maximum respect and care to the species fished, cause without them this wouldn´t be possible.

Joseba Mikel Ruiz
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