Gabriel Claeson

Hi! My name is Gabriel Claeson.
I’ve grown up in Sweden in the countryside outside a city called Växjö.

I enjoy to fish for most species, but the  fishing in fresh or brackish water for northen pike is that stand me closest. Most of my sessions are pointed for pikes.
My family and I have a summerhouse in Karlskrona archipelago. The fishing down there is quite different to the fishing I usually have here in woods, the water is often  clear so you must think completely different about what colors on the lures that would work and so on.

But sometimes I feel to fish for something else than pike and do that instead for a while, like carp, but i always return for the pikes again after that.
Often I adapt to different fishes on different seasons.

I bought my kayak in the summer of 2015. The choice fell on a Cuda 12, who’s a faithful friend now! The reason I bought a kayak is that it’s so much cooler to get the bigger pikes from the kayak then a boat! The feeling that you get when you hooked a big pike is magical! The closeness to the water and to nature is completely different in a kayak then from a boat! And we kayak fishers are so much cooler then the ones that just fish from boats

I fish mostly for pike which have gone pretty well with quite many pikes over 100 cm or 39 inches from the cuda. My personal best on pike is 11,33 kg and 111cm (25 lb, 43.7 inches)
I quite often do pelagic sharpshooting on zander which I think is much better from kayak than boat!