Garett VanWie

I really cannot tell you how long I have been a fisherman. The very moment I became an angler is a mystery even to me, but what I can tell you is that I do not ever remember a moment in my life when I was not a fishing junkie. As a very small child I perfected my fishing technique in kiddie pools and unoccupied toilets. As my fishing skills improved and I moved up from diapers to Scooby Doo undies, my Grandfather Johnnie started to take me along on his fishing trips. We would bank fish for catfish and bream, and then load up the boat to fish for bass and crappie.

                  I guess you could say I started paddling in my preteen years. This was not a traditional form of paddling however. The motor on the old Jon boat was starting to go out on us and would choose to do so after we had made a long run across the lake. My Grandfather would spend hours at the back of the boat with some old tools and a slew of colorful words spewing forth from his mouth, while I would row us back to the boat ramp. On occasion my Great Uncle Claude would join us and use my rowing skills as his personal trolling motor. He would say with his slow Oklahoma draw “Garett take us over to that ol’ tree in the water, but don’t scare them fish off”. I saw that old man catch a lot of fish.

                  In 2015 I created the Kayak Bass Anglers of Central Arkansas. We are a kayak bass tournament trail that is part of a statewide tournament trail called the Razoryak Tournament Trail. If you are interested in joining us for a tournament please let me know. We have a great group of Anglers that love to fish with new people.

                  I am now married to an absolutely awesome woman. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. We have four kids that we take out into the wilderness of Arkansas as much as we can. If the weather is nice you can find us either on a beautiful hiking trail, a secluded campsite, or out on the water paddling and fishing.